Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Finding Out Good News...

On Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Daniel and I went to Target, Old Navy, and several other stores and I bought clothes because I needed them. I was waiting to lose weight, or get pregnant, and neither were happening and I had nothing to wear. So I spent a good amount of money on clothes. Even though I knew I was two days late, I never thought I would be pregnant because my tests for my entire life, except for once, were always negative, so I was basically just waiting for my period to come. I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up two $1 pregnancy tests, for the heck of it, and then I swung by Starbucks, and grabbed a Mocha Frapp and headed home. 

I put Daniel to bed for his nap, went to the bathroom, peed on my cheap test, covered the window up with something (which I NEVER do..) and walked downstairs for a drink. I headed back upstairs to set myself up for disappointment, because let's face it, I am always disappointed. Turned on my cell phone to take a video of the result for Dennis (I never do that.) Took a deep breath, and uncovered the test window... 
(I forgot about the video.)

There were TWO lines! the impossible happened. I was finally pregnant after 4 years of waiting. 4. I panicked. I had to call Dennis. I called. no answer. First time ever that UPS didn't answer the phone. I hung up. Called back. 

"May I speak with Dennis please.." I hurried. "Yes, one moment please...." 
"This is Dennis.." 
and then I probably exploded with excitement and told my husband I was finally pregnant! He was so excited. I was excited. It was an awesome day. Just elated. We thought we could wait to tell our small group until the next Friday when we were scheduled to go out on a group date. So I called my mom, my dad, a couple friends. 

We got ready for church. I walked in the door, and just couldn't contain it. My friends hugged me, a couple cried. We bounced up and down like giddy school girls. It was a fantastic day. 

I was probably four weeks and 1 day that day. I found out super soon!!!! 

It didn't take long before the exhaustion set in, the bloating was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Several friends thought I must be having twins because it took no time before I felt like I was already too big for my clothes. Yes, I could be "that pregnant girl" but I knew I wasn't imagining it, because even Dennis was like "How can this be happening to soon?" 

So, I scheduled our first appointment for Monday, March 9th and was blissfully content and excited for the future. I was happy to be adding to our family after a long wait, happy to be pregnant again, happy to give Daniel a sibling, just so happy. 

Our dear friend Kristin bought Daniel this shirt, and this was how we announced on social media that we were pregnant. Weeks passed and everything seemed just fine. Except for something inside of me nagging me that it wasn't. But, I just decided to borrow trouble and move on. Exhaustion and 8pm bedtimes continued, ginger ale drinking, and expanding belly continued. 
7 weeks picture. 
Story continued.... 

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