Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 Resolutions

I just finished a post about my 2014 resolutions, and I am THRILLED that most of them were a success in my opinion. I am very thankful that I have been pointed and diligent in those areas. This year brings a new set of goals. I would like to list them.

1. Financial Health
This is a hard one. It truly is. I have struggled this year with making healthy, smart, responsible decisions with our money. My photography business is successful and it's tempting and easy to spend it. This year, God truly convicted my heart about how I treated money, and I was quick to come under his submission. Christmas was a hard season in regards to this, but I have already made some steps to be sure that 2015 will bring us a healthy financial situation. I am not saying that we will be rich, or buy a brand new BMW, I am saying, we will save before we spend, think ahead, stick to a budget, and be thoughtful and good stewards. This will be hard, but I am resolved.

2. Hospitality
I believe that this is already a strong point in my life, but, I would like to be sure that I am opening up my home on a regular basis and that anyone and everyone knows that they can come through our door whenever they want and stay as long as they need. I want to serve good bread, and awesome food, and enjoy getting to know people that I don't already know very well.

3. Craving God (not food!)
I read a book in 2014 called "Made To Crave" that CHANGED MY LIFE! I want to read this book at least two more times this year and apply what it says. I want to CRAVE my LORD more than I crave a starch, pasta, or sweet.

This year, I don't have as many smaller tasks and think that my 2015 goals are a little more gradual and hard to check off. :) I can use all of the encouragement and prayer possible.

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