Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Resolution Results! MOST of them were kept!!!!

Last year, around this very time of the year, as it is for most people that make habits out of making resolutions, I made a few resolutions. And I really tried to think of some things that were important to me, and to succeed at doing them. To refresh, these were my resolutions for 2014:

To refresh memories, these were my resolutions:

1. To be more mindful about sending "Thank You" notes to my friends and family who have blessed us.
2. To blog more often. Last year, I only blogged 15 times in the year total. I can't even believe how sad I am about this! :(
3. To make healthier food choices (the typical resolution)
4. To print more pictures of us
5. To have family pictures taken
6. To stay more organized.

I would like to talk about how I have done on each resolution this year. 

1. To be more mindful about sending "Thank You" notes to friends and family. 
I have actually done really great at this, this year. I have certainly missed a few people, but for the most part, I have sent a lot. And it has been so awesome to write these things down each and every time we are blessed by a family member or friend. We could look back and see how people have loved us and served us this year. I will for certain keep this going! 

2. To blog more often. 
I have blogged more often. Double than in 2013. But still only 33 times. Agh! I can't say that I want to be sure that I double it again, but I do not want to let it go quite yet. 

3. To make healthier food choices. 
At the beginning of 2014, I weighed 191 pounds. And today, I weigh 172 pounds. This is due to healthier eating, and due to exercise. I am really happy about this weight loss, and I do have a long way yet to go. I went to the gym very faithfully especially through the Spring and Summer months, and have slacked off a good bit once it got colder. I am ready to go for it. By this time next year, I would like to be in the upper 150's as a realistic goal, but that is information for another post. 

4. To print more pictures of us. 
I have done two good printing orders this year, which is the most I have done, ever. I am pleased with this. 

5. To have family pictures taken. 
This is a fail. I hired TWO photographers, and both of them didn't work out. I am disappointed but we have made due. 

6. To stay more organized. 
This has been a success. I have really used my Emily Ley planner, used Elle & Company printable inside it, My Martha Stewart coupon and gift card binder, and have stayed organized. It has gotten out of control a time or three but I have been QUICK to quickly reclaim organization. I have also kept organization in my pantry, drawers, and the tot school room. I am really excited to keep going in 2015. 

As I grow as a woman, and mother, and wife, homemaker, daughter, and friend, I want to always be bettering myself to better represent the gospel, and I do believe that tackling some of these goals has helped me spiritually this year. Stay tuned for a separate post discussing my resolutions for 2015!

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