Friday, August 1, 2014

Potty Training

On Ju;y 16th, 2014 Daniel began the process of potty training. I was dreading every bit of it, not excited at all. I can't say Daniel was ecstatic either, apprehensive a better word, but we are going good! He does #1 with no problem at all. However. #2? Not very good luck. He has YET to put poo-poo in the potty, but we are working on it each day. Enjoy some photos of our time together in the bathroom. 

Lots of stories, singing, and waiting. 

By far, the only was the only way I can survive this. From the beginning of my life, public restrooms skeeve me out beyond words, and I don't use one unless absolutely necessary, and I certainly won't bring him in one. I know, I am odd, but public restrooms are gross. And yes, a portable potty in the back of my car doesn't seem necessarily sanitary either, but all of the elements in the back of this car are well within my control. I know who's bum has been there, and I can clean it every day. 

So, here is to waiting for him to do #2!

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