Friday, August 1, 2014

Our LAST Florida vacation to see Grandma & Grandpa

The  past several years (6?) We have traveled to Florida 1-2 times per year to see Dennis' parents. This year, they decided to move home to Virginia permanently which meant that we would have to fly down to drive a Penske truck back. Daniel and I made the flight a few days earlier than Dennis. Daniel did wonderful on our flight! 

He was sure to read up on how to save me in case I needed saving! 

We traveled over this body of water for what seemed like forever.. and I wasn't sure how to feel about it. I prayed quite a bit through that. 

He really did a great job entertaining himself. 

He warmed right up to the water! It was perfect. 

Evening shopping at the square. 

On the golf cart!

A typical face he makes lately. 

Lots of selfie family pictures on this trip! 

We searched for a car while we were there. We found one. Bought it. I was IN LOVE. and Dennis retuned it the next day. Boo!!! 

Florida storms. 

Packing them up to prepare for our trip down!

Daddy dancing with Daniel. 

It was so nice when Dennis was finally able to join us! 


Our trip wouldn't be complete without Dennis' favorite black and white cookies!

Boat ride!!

We were glad to have a long vacation. 

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