Friday, August 1, 2014

Homestead Creamery

Homestead Creamery. Those two words together put a smile on my face and bring me happiness. We decided after we returned from vacation that we wanted to do this. 

I started reading up on milk, and wanted to make a change. So, I started ordering non-homogonized milk or creamline milk instead of homogenized milk. Homogonized milk is what you buy in the stores. There are several benefits to drinking non-homogonized milk, and even more benefits to drinking RAW milk, but RAW milk cannot be sold in a store, I don't think. But basically, our non-homogonized milk separates in the fridge, the cream rising to the top, so you have to shake it before drinking it. It's one less process your milk goes through than what you buy. Plus, it tastes soooooo good! 

Also, we bought veggies every week that Justin, our milkman delivers along with the rest of our goodies. Along with the veggies, I also order brown cage free eggs, butter, Boars Head cheese and meats, sour cream, cottage cheese, lemonade on occasion. We really love it! Plus, when I get home, it's all in my fridge!

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