Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weight Loss...

The last time that I wrote on the blog I was doing the Advocare 24-day challenge. I liked the challenge, but sadly, it's been FOREVER since I have done it. It is now the very end of July, and I can excitedly report that I am still making progress! 

I have learned a LOT through this. Mostly, that for me, this will always be something I have to monitor, and work for. Also, I have learned that though the ultimate goal in the beginning was just to get to a goal weight so that once and for all, I can call myself "skinny." Well, that is still the goal, but I didn't count on FEELING GOOD, and having ENERGY, and that I would be a better mom, a better wife because I can MOVE! That doesn't just mean out on walks, but I am able to keep up my home, and maintain it. It really is surprising! And I am not even HALF WAY THERE YET! I can't imagine how wonderful that will feel when I do get to my goal! 

Also, I never considered the journey with clothing from a bustin' size 14 to anything lower. I guess I thought my body would magically transform from a 14 to the goal size of 6. Well, I am NOT even close, but I am closer. My mom took me to the mall the other day and we started to shop. When I found certain things I liked, I grabbed my old sizes by default. I considered for a moment that they would just fit more comfortably. Well, I get in there... and these 14's SWALLOWED my body! I was stunned! I even called my mom in my fitting room just to be sure that I wasn't imagining it! Sure enough, I had to SEND BACK my 14's for 12's and XL shirts for MEDIUMS! Can you believe that? I can't REMEMBER when I could wear a medium shirt! WOW. 

So... these are the numbers... and with numbers I have a LOVE/HATE relationship. Numbers motivate me, even on the treadmill. I love to see numbers. But, my experience with the scale isn't a friendly one. My numbers tend to just stick and fluctuate refusing to dip below a certain number . . and it's just infuriating. However, I am working out by building muscle and I know that can cause you to lose inches. Speaking of inches... 

Day 1 of the 24 day challenge to last week, I have lost a total of 17 inches from head to toe! Woo-hoo! The scale is keeping me between 15-17 pounds of weight loss. and I have gone down 1 pants size, and two shirts sizes! 

I am keeping at it! Thanks for reading. 

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