Monday, March 17, 2014

Am I sticking to my resolutions?

In January, I made a list of a few things I wanted to be sure I improved on in the new year. I have a few resolution hater friends out there. You know who you are. And for the record, I wanted to report on how I am doing.

To refresh memories, these were my resolutions:

1. To be more mindful about sending "Thank You" notes to my friends and family who have blessed us.
2. To blog more often. Last year, I only blogged 15 times in the year total. I can't even believe how sad I am about this! :(
3. To make healthier food choices (the typical resolution)
4. To print more pictures of us
5. To have family pictures taken
6. To stay more organized.


how am I doing?

1. Thank You's: I am sending Thank you notes out about every 3-4 weeks. In my planner I write down in the margin each person who needs a thank you note, and at the end of the month, I write them out, and send them! I am learning through this that we are truly blessed and loved on by so many.

2. Blogging: Already in mid-March I have made 20 posts, up 5 from my total from last year. I am doing much better! An improvement for sure!

3. Healthier food choices: Yes, that is definitely improving as you know. I am making swaps every day. The other day for lunch my aunt and I went to Applebee's and instead of my typical "Broccoli and Chicken Fettucine Bowl" or the awesome double cheeseburger and fries I chose to get a grilled chicken breast over peppers and onions with red rice and shrimp. I agonized a little bit over the rice and then I reminded myself that this is most definitely an improvement for my health over my past choices. I have cut my soda intake by 98%!!!! I have increased my water consumption by 50% (I still need to drink more!) I am sleeping better, and feeling better too.

4. Pictures: I have printed more pictures, but I need to display them somewhere!

5. Family Pictures: I am on the calendar with a wonderful photographer in June! I can't wait.

6. Organization: This is the most beneficial progression of them all, I can attribute the improvements to:

1. an Emily Ley life binder. It has multiple sections:
- Financial Planning: Where I list what is coming up that needs financial attention, what money is coming in, and where the money will go.
-Meal Planning: Meal planning sheets, grocery lists, healthy food ideas, etc.
-Calendar (Weekly & Monthly views) I write down everything! It helps me remember when I am not near my planner, and it helps me remember when I can't remember.. :)

2. Coupon Binder
I can thank my dear friend Kristin for this gem. She created a small binder categorized by: Coupons, Reward Cards, Punch Cards, and Misc.
I put all of my store related cards here. It keeps my wallet thin and neat, and easy to see when I am looking.

3. Cute zipper pouches: My purse can be an endless sea of junk. So, I have put 4 zipper pouches inside my purse. 1 small one holds my hair ties, bobby pins, chapstick, etc. 1 medium size holds my feminine products, pens, binder clips, etc. 1 medium sized holds a small camera, and sunglasses, and 1 large holds my wallet and binder.
Although my purse still gets cluttered, the clutter is usually kept out of these pouches which means everything else I can grab and usually toss.

4. My bathroom drawer and cabinet has been organized so that my everyday uses are separated from my occasional needs such as earrings, clippers, etc. I am happier. This makes a big difference.

5. My car. This is a harder one for me, but I am trying. I am doing ok. :) I try to just bring what I can inside.

What still needs help:
-my laundry room
-my pantry (kitchen)
-Daniel's dresser drawers
-My dresser drawers
-Homeschool Room closet

Maybe I will be able to tackle these during a Spring Cleaning.

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