Monday, March 17, 2014

A Daniel Update

I have got to admit that the blog looks so boring with all of my me-focused eating posts. I needed to make a good old fashioned Daniel post anyway! 

He is such a FUN, SWEET, little boy.

As I am typing this post, Daniel ran to me and said: "That's Daniel playing outside!!!!!!" In his best excited squeaky voice. Right now, there is some snow on the ground and needless to say, Daniel loves our warm days that he can play outside until it's dark! I love that about him.

More things I love:

- The things that he says! This morning he looks outside and he turns to me and says: "Mom, I am disappointed" and I smile a little at the this impressive word out of a 3-year olds mouth and I say "why honey..?" He replies "That daddy took mommy's car" (Dennis took my car to work instead of his) He likes things to be very predictable! Another cute thing he says is "PPS" to describe "UPS"

-He talks so much and I feel like he understands and communicates very well. He has his frequent moments of whining, and I am very diligent about him speaking clearly and calmly when expressing his desires. (We are also working on him accepting the answer "no" but that is a little slower progressing)

-He enjoys two television shows "Thomas & Friends" and "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"

-He will say "Okay, mommy" "yes ma'am" "thanks mom" and seems to be using his manners in prompt and appropriate ways. I am hoping he will always be mindful of others and appreciative of others when they do something for him. I think it's admirable and rare in children and growing adults.

In other news:

He had a well check appointment and he is a healthy 3-year old. Weighing 32 pounds and falling in the 50th percentile for weight and height. Rising from the previous 20th % range. We are thankful there weren't any "red flags" or "concerns."

He used to be picky. Now he is not! He will try most anything and if he doesn't like it, I don't push the issue. His favorite breakfast food is his cereal bar. He loves it and it's been his favorite for a long time now.  A lunch food  favorite is "peanut jelly" :) And as mentioned for dinner, he eats whatever we eat. He really hates brussel sprouts, and for that I can't say I blame him.

9pm- 8am. Nap usually from 1:30-3:30/4.
He naps like a champ.
Going to bed has been a rough go. (He gets out of his bed, mostly our fault because we are relaxed about it) but it seems to be getting easier.

What he likes to do:
He loves to play with his trains
He loves his trucks and tractor trailers.
He likes to be read to.
and anything outside related in his absolute favorite.

I am a very blessed and thankful mom. We have one of the sweetest and agreeable little boys I know. :)

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