Friday, February 7, 2014

The Cabbage Soup Diet

I never announced publicly (Facebook, Instagram, blog, etc) that we were going to do this diet. Why? You know why. Because people, friends, acquaintances would "eat" us alive for trying a crash, always-a-fail, diet. And to be honest, they are right. It's not a realistic long term fix. This particular diet never claims to be. It's ruthless and HARD. I wanted to give it a try in hopes of a little motivation to keep losing. The diet didn't provide that, but I did learn a good deal from this way of eating.

Both of us started last Saturday with Day 1. and tonight was our Day 7. I will list the diet below:


A few things about the soup: 

I made the Original Cabbage Soup Recipe  click the link to view the recipe. I modified it a bit according to taste, but never added anything not on the list. 

I tolerated the soup for the first 3 days, and Dennis LOVED it all week. We just tossed what was left and he asked me to make it again soon. I don't know if I will, but he liked it a lot. 
Also, it makes a LOT of soup, and if I did it next time, I would make the vegetables bigger, and I wouldn't use v8 juice, I would do something else. I've seen two types of recipes. 


How did we do?!?! 

Dennis: followed the meal plan perfectly! He ate plenty of soup. He followed the plan during the day at work, and at home. 

Until Day 3. 

Then, He STILL followed it perfectly during the day because he ate a sensible meal in the evenings. I was super proud of him, and in 3 weeks, Dennis lost a total of 11 pounds! 

I followed it perfectly until the third day. Then, I began to want to hurl when I smelled the soup, so, I scrapped it. BUT........
that doesn't mean I quit. I have succeeded. I have made a couple of rules for myself, and they are proving to be realistic and effective. In 7 days, I have lost 5 pounds. I have a LONG way to go, but I am determined to get there. 

Shannon's Rules 
1. No soft drinks (diet or otherwise) 
2. No eating after dinner 
3. I am allowed to eat something sweet (1 cookie, an M&M or two) to "complete" my meal 
4. Portion control!!!! No over-indulging. (cutting my meal in half at dinner)
5. Fried foods in MODERATION. 

The BIGGEST issues I have had and will have is a desire to eat at night after dinner, but the sweet cookie or candy has helped me not want that. I do love Coke, but this has been strangely easy to give up. I don't even think I have suffered headaches without it. 
I also LOVE Wendy's. I LOVE it. And I mean, I WANT it. I especially love the Homestyle Asiago Chicken Sandwich. I will have one again, with fries, and probably even a Coke with it. But not anytime this week or next. 

With that said, 
this week Daniel and I have been sick with a cold. And I broke my soft drink rule for a Coke. (Who wants water when their sick?) And I also went to McDonalds and had 1 cheeseburger, and Daniel and I SHARED some fries. In the past, I would have ordered the Double Quarter Pounder, a large fry and drink (fully sweet tea) and ate it. No second guessing. This time, although I was "messing up" I "messed up" better. I didn't eat to the point of gluttony, and I still lost weight the next morning. 

For me, this is totally doable. And I am super proud. It is nothing I have done on my own, this has been totally of the Lord to help me and guide me. He has given me strength to be "full" of Him and less hungry for other fulfillments. This is mainly a spiritual battle and I am finally ready to fight! 

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