Saturday, January 18, 2014

My birthday boy

We began the day by going to Denny's to have chocolate chip pancakes. I don't know why I insist on this he doesn't even really like pancakes. Maybe next year, I will give him a cereal bar. It's his favorite breakfast. 
My mom came with us to help us celebrate since Dennis is in Uganda. Getting to Roanoke by breakfast would surely be an ordeal. 

Before we went to Bubblecake, we went to Target to get popcorn and let Daniel have some fun choosing a toy to take home. We also did this last year. Last year, he picked out a box of matchbox cars, which have still been a favorite on his second year, but this year he picked out a Cat dozer. I even put my sweet child on a budget, and just like his mom, he stuck to it. We plan to give him his bigger gift when daddy comes home. 

Anyway: Bubblecake: 
I hate cupcakes. I sort of hate cake, period. But, Daniel. Well, he inherited Dennis' sweet tooth. And he loves it. We let him pick any cupcake he wanted. Of all choices, he picks out a simple chocolate cupcake with white icing. 

He enjoyed it immensely. And I love the last picture. 

At this moment:
He's playing at his train table, talking to his trains. He still has his blankie and paci, and e isn't potty training quite yet. My goal is to have him potty trained by the second week in Feb. We are waiting for Dennis to get home to make it an easier transition. 

More later! 

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