Friday, July 26, 2013

A good time


Very few things these days causes me to want to blog. The reason is that I have a large camera and it’s just too heavy and too risky to bring to every function. But, I do feel immense pressure to document every event, every smile, every new thing, but I thought to myself that I wouldn’t miss a month or two out of Daniel’s life, and as it turns out, I have missed a BUNCH of documenting. I already wish that I would have blogged MORE so that I didn’t forget certain things. And then I think about all of the moms from the beginning of time that didn’t have blogger or sophisticated baby books, or even a camera. How did they ever survive???

Today while I was getting ready for an evening out I was thinking: “Ya know, even if I don’t take every picture that needs to be taken, or remember every detail of all things that were said cute, that are now being said correctly, and even if I don’t document every park trip, there is one thing that is for certain at the end of my official mothering days, and that is, when his (Daniel’s) car pulls away, whether to college or with his new bride, I may have a camera in my hand, but I will have my husband by my side, and I will know, I HAD A GREAT TIME!

And for me, that is what matters. I am having a great time.

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