Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Early Intervention

When Daniel turned 12 months old, we went to the pediatrician for his one year check up. The Dr. IMMEDIATELY asked me if Daniel was walking. I said “no.” He wasn’t. He actually wasn’t even close. So……… he said that we needed to come back at 15 months old to make sure he was walking. Well, he still wasn’t. So, they referred Daniel to an organization that would come help him if he was “delayed” a certain percentage. He tested, and he qualified for once a month services.


So, they come every month, and then every 6 months he gets officially tested again to mark his progress in fine motor, gross motor, and speech. If he continues to show a certain percentage of being “delayed,” he stays in the program. He currently receives services for all three areas.


This is Hope. Normally we have Megan, but she is on maternity leave. I really have enjoyed both girls very much. Daniel continues to show improvement each visit. And it’s also so awesome that I have this constant benchmark to keep track of his growth!


The picture below is a “test” to see if he can figure out how to get the crayon out of the container. He figured it out! Smile 


If you look closely at the picture below you will see some markings on the paper. He was supposed to draw a circle, vertical line, and a horizontal line. He managed the circle, but left us hanging on the lines! He also was supposed to fold the paper, but he wasn’t interested. Instead he wanted to “read” this book. IMG_0273

to date: Daniel is 27 months old. According to statistics he is:

33 months old regarding his speech.

30 months old regarding his gross motor skills.

24 months (3 months younger than he is) regarding his fine motor skills.

In my opinion, we have a very normal, middle of the road, child. BUT, I do enjoy and benefit from these girls coming to hang out with us, and they are great at giving me strategies and tips to help him overcome and practice his “short comings”

I am so thankful that Daniel just thinks that they are coming to play with him! Smile

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