Thursday, April 25, 2013

What has happened?

There was a day when I felt incomplete if I didn’t update my blog on things we were doing. I always thought BEFORE I had a child, that AFTER I had a child that I would have so much more to blog about. Though this is true, my steam on updating has fizzled, and I was having a lot of trouble understanding why.

I think I have figured it out:

Facebook & Instagram.

My “blogging” has been replaced by other forms of “documenting.” I guess I assume that if I post our vacation pictures on facebook- and instagram our random lunches or play times, then my “blogging” is done. I mean, who wants to see the SAME thing over and over about us every where they turn? right?

I have also noticed that Facebook stalkers- and non-facebook users tend to blog more on their actual blogs than facebook users that also have blogs. So now I am stuck, which way do I prefer? Turns out, I prefer facebook. But, I still really love this place. It’s been my “voice” for so long. Is this beautiful relationship I once had to documenting slipping away? :- ) maybe. Just maybe.


Kristin Bolling said...

You better not leave blogger. I don't have Facebook

The Harris Family said...

instagram and facebook just give snapshots of what you are about to post on your blog :) keep posting, i love reading, even if I have already seen it on fb on instagram. I love yall that much :)

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