Friday, April 26, 2013

Encouragement for those afraid to Homeschool

If you know me, and we have discussed this topic, you pretty much know that I have known and planned to homeschool Daniel before he was even born. It is something that I have a strong desire to do. I have a conviction that for our family it is right. I have 1,000 reasons for doing it. I won’t list them.

I fear talking aloud about this, and blogging about this because it comes with unexplained annoyed reactions from some people. It makes them feel uncomfortable, it causes them to shift in their chair, possibly bite their nails, and I am unsure why, other than, they think that I/we impart judgment on their decision to not do this. In the majority of situations, they don’t believe they can do it and I believe that they can!! That is our only difference in opinion. So, although FOR ME this is a pretty easy decision to make (though will not be easy to do, I will admit) I know of a lot of people that have a lot of reservations. I was reading another blog (Ashely) and I found this awesome article that she found from:  that I know has encouraged at least one other mom to possibly rethink. My hope is that you might rethink it is as well.

1. I am not a good enough mother.
That is a lie. The truth is that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.  Bottom line, you are good enough-with God’s help. If any of use were already good enough on our own we wouldn’t need the Lord to guide us.  We wouldn’t need to rely on Him.  We all have real emotions as mothers, and have strengths and weaknesses.  So does every teacher out there! But I do believe, that if you have the conviction and calling to homeschool, that with God’s help and good resources you can homeschool your kids.
2. I am not patient enough.
None of us are patient enough! No homeschool mom or any mom will tell you that she is patient all the time with her kids.  We all need God to help us and we pray for strength and patience.  There are days I want to pull my hair out and I am inpatient with my kids.  There are sick days and hormonal days.  There are tired days and strong-willed days.  But all of those hard days and trying moments are quickly overshadowed by the best parts of homeschooling.  The nurturing, exploring, praying, and delight of learning that comes with homeschooling and brings such pleasure, that makes those hard days worth it in the end.
3. I am not organized enough.
Homeschooling makes you organized.  What this looks like for some families will be different than for others.  You do not have to have it all figured out and have all your ducks in a row to start homeschooling. You will not have a perfectly clean house.  You just start, and as you move along, you grow into this lifestyle of home educating that will be organized in the way your family needs. It won’t be perfect and that is okay!
4. I don’t know enough to teach my kids.
There is no way any one person can know everything they need to teach their kids.  If you think about a classroom at school, that person is teaching to one grade level or to certain subjects they have been trained in.  But we as homeschooling families learn right along with our kids. We will have our strengths and weaknesses.  It is a blast to re-learn the things we forgot from our school days.  We don’t have to know it all!  We can research and learn and there are a myriad of resources available to help us. There has never been such a wonderful time as now for homeschooling with all that is available. You can do it!
6. My kids won’t get enough social interaction
This is the number one thing that most people worry about when deciding to home educate.  I have never had anyone tell me my kids were weird and unsociable.  You are the model, and if you have your kids in social settings with you and they learn from you, then they will know how to be social.  You can find wonderful ways to get your kids the social interaction they need, but you might be surprised at who they want to spend the most time with!

7. I can’t afford  to homeschool
Money is always a concern. If the mom stays home to educate and you have to live on one income it can be challenging.  I have seen God provide for families ( for us) in ways that they they never thought would happen.  When we are called to do something, doesn’t God always provide?  The same can happen for you.  Begin to trust God, and see what will come about.
8. My kids will drive me crazy
Yes they will! But they will also become wonderful companions and you will have the pleasure of seeing their beautiful minds open up and delight in learning. God will stretch you and grow you as a mother in this area–trust me!
9. I couldn’t be with my kids all day long
This is a challenge if you aren’t used to it.  It is something you grow in to.  If you have your kids in school now it takes some time to “un-school”.  One thing to know is that as your kids are homeschooled they won’t need to be “entertained” all of the time.  Homeschooling truly does become a lifestyle even more than a way to learn and teach. You all relax in it, and your home will soon have a rhythm that won’t seem contrived.   But there is no doubt that moms who are home all day with their kids do need breaks.  Make sure you schedule them!
10. Will my kids fall behind of those in school?
More than likely they will do the opposite. Your kids will actually be ahead in most cases. The lovely part of homeschooling is that your kids will never know if they are behind or ahead.  Home educating is a wonderful option if  you have a child who is falling behind and needs more attention, or if you have a child who is gifted and is being held back by a classroom setting.  You will be surprised at what you can do with your kids in the time you have with them, and they can thrive in the loving relaxation of home whether behind or ahead.
11. My family members don’t support homeschooling
This is a tough one.  If you have a spouse or family members that do not support homeschooling then I would begin to pray.  I would educate yourself and those around you the best that you can.  This is a subject I will address in a future post all on its own. I have some suggestions. 

So, there you have it. I hope this helps you if you have been thinking about doing this.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Villages Vacation 2013













And for my facebook efforts double recorded:

We had a WONDERFUL time at Dawn & Chris’ wedding, and enjoyed the whole weekend!

Here are a few pictures from that:

We are back to the daily grind now. Smile

What has happened?

There was a day when I felt incomplete if I didn’t update my blog on things we were doing. I always thought BEFORE I had a child, that AFTER I had a child that I would have so much more to blog about. Though this is true, my steam on updating has fizzled, and I was having a lot of trouble understanding why.

I think I have figured it out:

Facebook & Instagram.

My “blogging” has been replaced by other forms of “documenting.” I guess I assume that if I post our vacation pictures on facebook- and instagram our random lunches or play times, then my “blogging” is done. I mean, who wants to see the SAME thing over and over about us every where they turn? right?

I have also noticed that Facebook stalkers- and non-facebook users tend to blog more on their actual blogs than facebook users that also have blogs. So now I am stuck, which way do I prefer? Turns out, I prefer facebook. But, I still really love this place. It’s been my “voice” for so long. Is this beautiful relationship I once had to documenting slipping away? :- ) maybe. Just maybe.

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