Friday, March 22, 2013

When you give a mouse a cookie…

Daniel LOVES sweets. We were told at his 2 year check up that he had gained a good bit of weight rather quickly. He jumped from 25th percentile to 50th percentile in between visits. So we have been limiting his sugar in take. But, today, I was baking a lot in the kitchen and he couldn’t help but notice. Enjoy!


(this is the “more” motion. He didn’t get any, though.)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Isn’t that the term for when tons of things are together?

Well if so, this is what this blog post is about. I have neglected my real camera, so I am relying and catching everyone up using my cell phone. I know, not interesting, but, it gets the job done. Enjoy the past few months in bad photos:

I snagged this picture from Kristin’s blog, and it just made me think: ‘time is passing me by”

My blogging has been a struggle for me lately. I really have it on my mind a lot, but I just am having trouble having a desire to keep up with it.


to recap, he turned two.


AWESOME! He is saying so much! My favorite things right now are: "church” “help” “ready?”  “gogogo!” and more! It’s incredible. He is saying so much, repeating EVERYTHING you say, and really progressing. I was initially concerned about his speech, but I am very encouraged and proud of him.

This is a picture of him in the class that he shouldn’t really be in. He has finally transitioned to the older class, but he was really hanging on to this particular class for a couple of weeks.

Transitions have been challenging. Lots of crying, and fit throwing, but we are HOPING that we are over that for right now.

this was taken at Christmas time. Not a good picture in my opinion, but, we are together. That is what counts, right?

We have a great helper on our hands. He really likes to help me out around the house and “keen up”

one of my favorite pictures of him. Smile 

LOVE this one of him sleeping in the car. Sweet rosy cheeks! Winking smile 

this was taken the very last night we stayed in our new home! More on that later.

his latest mischief! :)

we also have a great eater- he is trying new things all of the time: fruits, veggies, etc.


Daniel loves to align his trucks up in a row. I once read this was concerning because of autism, but really, Dennis would do this, so I am not too worried.

a constant reminder for me.

proud of him! It has taken quite a long time for this to happen.

you know: just sittin’ by the fake fire. AKA: space heater

this is called “perfect shopping circumstances” I love this. What kid could complain about shopping when they have a bag of popcorn and a yellow truck?

in honor of many January birthdays, we gather at Cucci’s in Covington for dinner and Daniel enjoyed playing around with my dad. (And Ashtyn) Smile 

Weight: 28 pounds (50%)

height- unsure- (25%)

More later-

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