Saturday, January 26, 2013

cute videos


These are two of my favorite videos of Daniel. The first one was recorded this past Thursday while waiting for the Dr. He was chewing on animal crackers and discovered what his food looks like chewed. Gross? Yes. Entertaining? Yes!

The next video was just me trying to capture Daniel in his “baby” phase of sucking his paci, and holding and rubbing his blankie, but it actually gets cute and fun toward the end. I love that we can video our children, what a gift!!!! Smile

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mommy of 3 said...

Hey! Ok, video #1, literally is the funniest thing from a child that I have seen in a long while. How amazing and beautiful is it that the simple things in life.... seeing what your chewed up food looks like, create amazement. Oh if we could only be amazed like this daily by the air that breath or the life that God has given us. Just reminds me of "child-like faith", but just in different terms, "child-like amazement" of common graces that God gives us. LOVED IT! I almost peed my pants.

Video #2, This little boy is so sweet and has a very gentle spirit. I can tell. I almost cried watching this. My favorite part of the video is when he lights up because he saw him momma "watching" him. Don't stop taking the videos. Darren put our videos on the television screen last night and instead of watching fruitless television, we reminisced on even just a year ago. The kids change SOOOOOO much, but if it wasn't for video footage, I wouldn't see the changes much since they happen gradually.

Give him a big hug and kiss from me :)

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