Saturday, January 26, 2013

cute videos


These are two of my favorite videos of Daniel. The first one was recorded this past Thursday while waiting for the Dr. He was chewing on animal crackers and discovered what his food looks like chewed. Gross? Yes. Entertaining? Yes!

The next video was just me trying to capture Daniel in his “baby” phase of sucking his paci, and holding and rubbing his blankie, but it actually gets cute and fun toward the end. I love that we can video our children, what a gift!!!! Smile

Monday, January 21, 2013

Daniel’s second year in review

12 months old:


13 months old:


14 months old:


15 months old: first hair cut




16 months old: Daniel walks!


17 months old:



18 months: crib rail comes down!



19 months old:


20 months old:


21 months old:


22 months old: saying goodbye to Harper


23 months old: saying good bye to our home.


This was the last time that I was at our home while it was still ours.

24 months old photos to come! Open-mouthed smile

Happy 2nd birthday, Daniel!

How does this small baby become a boy in such a short time?


The morning of Daniels birthday I took him to IHop to have pancakes. He didn’t really enjoy it too much; the mess on his fingers concerned him.




See? He hated it on his fingers! Strange boy!!



We went to see Dennis after we went to Target. Daniel picked out a set of 9 matchbox cars that he LOVES and is still insisting on carrying around with him through the house and even to go out. I love that he gets excited over new things.


We originally had plans to celebrate with his friends at Chuck E Cheese; but as you can see, it snowed around 6-7 inches in a matter of three to four hours, so we stayed home. Sad smile


Daniel enjoyed pizza……



and CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Erin for the delicious and beautifully decorated “John Deere” tractor cake! We are still enjoying it.


After all the fun, Daniel helped his dad scrape the snow off of the driveway!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Catching up with us.

Hey friends. no pictures. just some information so that those of you that don’t get to see us or converse with us often can hear what we are up to.

#1 Daniel recently turned two! I have a post on that coming up, but I wanted to say that it was a SNOWY 2nd birthday! I celebrated with him that morning before we had pizza, and cake that evening. He is still enjoying the cake even today!

Our (Future NEW) home

We have made the final touches to the floor plan, and HOPEFULLY the ground will be broken soon. We rode by today and it was just a big soggy mess with sitting water. It’s hard to believe that vacant patch of grass, er, well, water Smile will be our home. It’s hard to believe that when we leave church we will take a right off of turner road onto Main St and not a left. I am sure that it will all soon become real. Right now, not so much.

Our Current Abode

Things are going good at my moms. We are more comfortable than we ever expected to be. I was so worried that I would suffer from being home sick, and that I would long for the comforts of our former home, but truthfully God has been good to allow us both to fully let go and embrace our current situation. We have definitely settled into a routine, and all seem to be happy. We are so grateful and have no reason to grumble or complain. We are so thankful for gracious hosts. Living with a two year old is an adjustment if you aren’t used to it, but they don’t seem to be bothered. They seem to be enjoying the little monster! Smile 

Speaking of routine:

To show our thanks and to serve Mom and Keith, I have assumed the position of mom/wife/nanny. I take care of the home just as if it were my own. Cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. Grocery shopping has been an adjustment. Feeding five people certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. This is serious business. I am certainly respecting my fellow peers and elders who have or had the task of feeding a large family. It’s costly number one, and to feed everyone a healthy diet, it requires great thought and planning, and then of course, to plan it so food isn’t wasted. I know adding two more people shouldn’t seem that big of a deal, but it kind of is, especially since Daniel eats enough to satisfy a grown man! Hah!

Healthy Eating

Dennis and I made a commitment (again) to change our eating habits. This is such a cliché thing to do. But, we are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the way we were eating was making us fat, and sluggish. Of course, knowing this alone will not fix anything. I have changed the way I shop, snack, and cook. It’s really just another form of slavery. I say that because, it was slavery to continue to eat food that was not good for us. It is also slavery to spend countless hours preparing the better food, and count all of the calories, to be driven by a snack schedule, etc. I was thinking: “there has got to be another way!!!”

Then a friend of mine explained something that she was doing. Something that really appealed to my heart and soul. To get to the root of the issue. Self control. Self Discipline. Saying: “No! You are full! Stop!” And though it’s harder to say “No” to a yummy Mexican dish than it is to say “No” to broccoli, both have a place in my diet. In moderation. So, this coming week, I am going to be using ALL of the information I have learned, more protein than carbs, less fried than baked, less dressing than more, I am going to listen to my body, stop when I should, and not be so indulgent. All food is given as a gift and we should enjoy it and be thankful, but it should not be abused or used as an idol. And it is, and it has been for a long time. It fulfills me when I am bored, when I am not hungry, and even when I don’t want it, but it’s just there. So, if you pray, pray for me in this on going battle with my flesh.

Thanks for reading this lengthy post!

Hugs and Kisses to you, our friends and family!

Friday, January 4, 2013

our big eater



He has been eating a lot lately. We are thankful for a healthy growing boy!

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