Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Saying goodbye to Harper


First of all, since I skipped all of November, and half of December, I don’t expect that anyone is reading this, but, here’s a shot at blogging again.

We have been going through a ton of change, an one of them required saying good bye to our dog, Harper. It was a sad departure. Here is a brief recap.



Dennis and Daniel said goodbye.


I said goodbye.



And we drove him to Copper Hill, VA to be with his new people. They seemed to really adore Harper.


I already miss him, but I do think that he will get so much love there.

We have 1 day left in our home. We move out on Saturday and will wait for our home to be built on Buffalo St. in the Cherokee Hill neighborhood. We are excited, but will miss our very first home as man and wife.


mommy of 3 said...

Good-bye Harper. Good-bye home!!! HELLO new house and wonderful new memories!!!

The Harris Family said...

i still read your blog : ) im sure harper is loving his new home!

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