Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our new home’s floor plans


So, I know I have not really announced this. Not because I have been trying to be secretive, but because this is a long process, full of ups and downs, certainty, then uncertainty, then everything changes. So, without further ado; Dennis and I are building a home! Yay!!!

Townside Construction is building our family a ranch style home with a basement (unfinished until we do it) due to be finished in 6-8 months. Jerry says 6, but I think it’s wise we just settle in for the 8 month goal so that we don’t grow impatient waiting. The home will be built on the corner of Buffalo St. and Blackhawk St. in the Cherokee Hills neighborhood. I am happy about this location for a number of reasons:

1. a LOT of our dear friends live in this neighborhood.

2. It’s in a great, grown up neighborhood great for walking and our particular street is a double cul-de-sac so that Daniel will be pretty safe playing.

3. It has a great school system, should, for some CRAZY reason, Daniel HAS TO go to public school.

4. It’s on a great side of town.

It’s been the neighborhood we have kept our eyes peeled on for the past year, if not the past three!

This blue print is not 100% accurate: the kitchen and dining room are reversed. I had a small issue with walking into the house from the garage into the “dining room;” I’d rather walk in to the kitchen itself.


So, the front door is the indention in the middle between the garage and front of the house.



The last two pictures are close ups of the house, sorry the last picture is a little blurry! :/

In a nutshell:

-3 bedrooms

-2 full bathrooms

-a living room/kitchen/dining area great room with vaulted ceilings

-unfinished basement

The plans for the unfinished basement include:

-a great and awesome office for me to run my business out of with a place for my sewing materials and crafting stuff. It’ll be called the room of magic! Smile I do create lots of magic in my office. hahah.

-a large homeschool room complete with bookshelves, tables, and everything needed to school our child(ren)

- a large 4th bedroom with a bathroom for guests. (or a third child, but that’s like, probably never going to happen at our rate, the real intention is for his parents mainly.)

- Another large living room

- a third bathroom

The time frame on finishing this basement is probably a good 5 years, doing it in spurts. In the mean time for my office, Jerry has built me a little place for my computer, etc in a section of the kitchen that will be hidden. It’s not perfect, but it will do until we can make a comfy place for me downstairs.

Thanks for reading about all of our great plans! Smile I can’t wait to take pictures of the ground being broken in a few short weeks!

Happy New year everyone!!!

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Mommy Of 3 said...

So exciting. Will you now be a potential hoster for small group.

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