Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas can be summed up in one word: Kitchen!


Yes, our SON received a kitchen this Christmas morning because we knew that he would LOVE LOVE it. And we were right! He really loves it. It’s been 5 days since Christmas and Daniel still wakes up in the morning and after nap and goes STRAIGHT for it to pour us coffee, and put things away! He is one busy kid! Smile 


This year for Christmas we spent it at my moms house for two reasons: 1. because we live there now. 2. because we wanted to be surrounded by family and fun. Greg and Kyndall spent the morning with us, and it was just a fantastic morning. Afterwards, we had breakfast casserole, muffins, and milk/juice. Dennis left with Paul and his parents and spent some time with Tommy at the Rescue Mission, and I was able to take an after Christmas morning nap.


See what I mean? He adores his Christmas present.

Later on, we went to Paul and Jill’s for Christmas dinner and to spend some time with the Maggi family.


Daniel is enjoying an early birthday present here from Grandma and Grandpa.



And then after that, he enjoyed some snuggle time with Grandpa! It was sweet.

if you’re interested in what the grown ups received; I was given a ton of goodies from my parents. As usual, mom spoiled me with a ton of new fall decorations. It’s a yearly tradition. Fall has become just as big of a decorating ordeal as Christmas. So, she has done a fantastic job providing me with great d├ęcor for that. Also, I received a book I have been dying to have. It’s a book to help me unpack the wonders of Lightroom 4, my editing software. Dennis received a juicer, shoes, slippers and some undies. And, MOM, received an iPad from her children among other little things.

I have a lot to update everyone on, more posts to come.

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