Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reformation Night 2012



Daniel showed up as a baked potato. And a very frustrated, angry baked potato. It was a terribly designed costumed, and Daniel hated wearing it. Next year, we are sticking to store bought.

21 months

I took some time “off” from editing other families to concentrate on mine! I love familiar little grins! Daniel turned 21 months on October 17th. He has grown so much in so many ways. What a gift to be his mom.


Some things that stand out about Daniel right now is that he is attached pretty seriously to his blankie and paci. It’s a sort of miracle that we managed to keep it out of these pictures. I have cracked down a little bit too. I don’t mind at all if has these things while he is napping or sleeping, but 24/7 all day long is just not my cup of tea. He looks around for it in a whiney/whimpery voice if its missing. He even checks under my legs, or behind me in case I am hiding it. Smart boy, but I am smarter.


Another thing is his vocabulary building. He isn’t talking to me in full sentences or anything, but he is putting two words together. This to me, is pretty impressive, but this is my first rodeo after all. He says: please, more, mammie, momma, yeah, no, baby, all done, night night, Hi, Hello, Bye, Bye Bye, daddy, again, down, God, Amen. He is a great listener, and follows most all of my directions like: go throw this away, put this in your hamper, go get your shoes, get ready to eat, wipe your mouth, sit down, etc. Pretty great if you ask me!


He LOVES to be outside!!!! He LOVES to be with his daddy even more. Take a look at this expression below. He was mad at me for trying to help him push his car out of the yard. Independent.



He is a great helper!!! He was helping Dennis take this to the road for the trash to pick up. He will also be sure to shut all of the doors in the house including the dryer, dishwasher, closet doors, etc. I caught him putting his pajamas from the morning in our dirty laundry basket! Quite the persnickety one.



He is still the happiest little one I know. He is so personable and friendly. He loves to give high fives, say hello to strangers, etc. He gets the attention wherever he goes. However, he pretty much hates structure. He doesn’t like the library because he has to sit down. He doesn’t like to do activities. He likes to do what Daniel likes to do, and that is pretty much it. I guess we need to work on this at home.


Loves to play with trucks. Loves to read books. Loves sweets.


……………and he has no idea that his whole world is about to be turned upside down because we sold our home and will be moving out in about 45 days or less.

Thanks for all of you that made it to the end of this post to find out our happy news.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take me out to the ball game…



While I was busy taking photos this evening, Dennis brought Daniel out to the ball field to watch our nephew play football. Winking smile 

So grown up lookin!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Layman family farm

Today we went to Layman Family Farms to their pumpkin patch. We went with some church friends, and had a great Saturday afternoon out!


Thanks Ty for sitting through Daniel’s screamin’ session during the ride.


Yuri, Cohen, Caleb and Jax were interested in these little kittens under this building. You can see their little paws if you look closely enough.



Our children practically took the entire moo-train!



I am SURE, especially knowing Lilah’s mommy that it wasn’t an accident that she ended up in the “LuLu” train! Smile I love her relaxed look!




Go Cohen!



So sweet, huh? But really… this was the chaos in the background. I am not typically a “cropper” of pictures because I usually compose a photo in real life the way that I want it, but I had to with the one above.



We ended up picking out a 26.5 pound pumpkin!!!! I am excited to get it on our front porch!

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