Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I’m back!!!



Ya’ll aren’t going to believe me, but I have been BUSY! I have had so much going on, and blogging has been one of the very last things on my mind. I am not even sure how many readers I have left that hasn’t given up on me.

I have been diving into photography season! I have been really busy with a couple new babies, a couple of families! It’s been fun. Go on over to to see what I have been up to. Hopefully very soon my NEW business website will be ready and I can show that off, too! I am excited for the completion of it. It will make so much so easy!

In other news, I have been really paying a lot of attention to my diet the past month, and I have lost nearly 10 pounds! The last 10th pound has been a little stubborn, but to no one’s fault of my own for enjoying food with my family on special occasions! I have been going to the gym 2-4 times per week, depending on the week, and really feeling great and accomplished.

Daniel starts “tot school'” this week here at home with me. We are going to be doing an organized, fun activity ranging in subjects to reading, art, science and even a little math. I am by no means trying to raise a genius, I am just exposing him to some fun exercises that will work on gross motor, fine motor, etc. This is meant for fun.

That’s all for now! I will be posting again soon!

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The Harris' said...

i still read your blog so get on it and update :) especially once you start tot school, you will want to keep all that for your records and i want to see all your ideas!!! :):)

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