Friday, September 7, 2012

Daniel’s 19th month


We have a HANDSOME boy, in our very biased opinions. Daniel’s 18-19th months have been wonderful and adventurous! He is so curious, so relational, friendly and busy!!!!


Daniel eats pretty good. He is still not a fan of harder vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, etc. He loves green beans. He will eat most anything we eat with not too many exceptions. He has a pretty good appetite! He is a SUGAR lover. He will never pass down anything sweet. I am sure this is true with most children, though. He only drinks water and milk. I do not offer him juice, or anything extra.


He loves his family. He smiles really big when one of us walk into a room. He really gets excited when ‘daddy’ comes home. He runs to him, squeaking and squawking. It’s so fun to watch his excitement build. He really loves his Mammy. He will lay his head on her shoulders for VERY long lengths of time when she is near. It’s really touching to watch. He also knows his uncle Paul, aunt Jill, and cousins pretty well. Of course, he plays well with little clinginess problem at church and at the YMCA. 


His favorite songs are: “The wheels on the bus.” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” He also loves me to do “This little Piggy..” with his toes. Daniel can point to his nose, ears, mouth, and hair. He also knows where his belly is; only he points to his chest with his index finger. He refers to that when we ask him if he is hungry.


He says: “Mama” “Dada” “Hi” “bye” and boy does he say “BIIIIIIIII” really loud when he leaves a store or room. He also says “see ya later” which is more like “eee-a-ater” He also will count 1, 2, 3. He usually jumps in volume for “3” because we do that when we do fun things while counting. He has also said: “no” (a lot) “yes” “yea” and he will also say “ A, B, C, D” I am sure there is more that I am just not connecting yet. It is sounding like his speech is becoming more understandable, and less like jargon, but it’s still not fully understandable yet.


At 19 months he sleeps from 7:30p.m-8-9am. I USUALLY wake Daniel up around 8 every morning. He would sleep until 10am every morning if I let him. (Wonder who he got that from??) He also takes a good long afternoon nap from around 12:30-3:45-4:00p.m.!! It’s pretty impressive. It allows me time to take a cat nap myself and get photography editing done, laundry, etc.


Daniel has shown a lot of attachment to TWO of his blankets that he has had for awhile. It’s pretty irritating actually. I have to hide these things from him and he still walks around the house for them. I do not want him to be like me. (I sucked my thumb until I was 12 years old, and STILL have a “silky” that I had as a kid. I know there is nothing “wrong” with children having them, but I really would prefer Daniel keep it in his bed for sleep time. He takes the edge of these blankies and he rubs it along the top of his nose to soothe himself to go to sleep. I first discovered this when we were on our overnight trip to Florida!


Daniel LOVEs to open and shut doors. He likes for everything to be in its place. Laundry baskets, toys, etc. He likes for doors to be shut, the toilet lids to be down, etc. It’s cute, but trust me, it can get irritating. As far as disciplining goes: it’s pretty cut and dry. He is given 1 warning. If he doesn’t listen, he is taken in private if in public, or if at home, he is given an explanation of what he did wrong, why it was wrong (disobedience to mommy is sin), and given a command to “listen to Mommy, and obey.” And then I ask him to answer “yes, mommy” when I ask him if he understood. He will often but not always say: “yes!” and then I spank him until I know it stung. We do this wherever we go; Wendy’s, Lowe’s, not that those places ring any immediate bells or anything.. Winking smile 

Thanks for reading about Daniel’s big 18-19th month updates. Love you all!!

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