Saturday, July 7, 2012

Big boy bed!


Daniel: “Hey dad, what are you doing down there??


“Seriously, for real, what are you doing to my bed?”


“Oh, I’m a big boy now? I am going to a big boy bed? That makes me really happy”


Yes, it’s true. This is WAAAYYYYY sooner than I EVER imagined we would transition Daniel to a big boy bed, but he fell completely out of his crib yesterday, doing a complete flip, landing on his back after his nap yesterday. I couldn’t believe it, and I was really afraid of what I was going to find as I was rushing to him seconds after the “thump!” Not a bruise, scratch, or bump, but it was enough to scare us.

The crib mattress does lower further than it was, but we were already prepared to try this out, so we will see how it goes. It might be too soon, and if so, we will just attach the front of the crib back.



I can’t believe my baby is out of his crib. Well, technically he is still in it, but you know, he can escape!

So far he has been in there 15 minutes and we haven’t heard any commotion or crying. We think it will take him a couple of days to figure it out. Maybe he will walk to my bed and get me up for church in the morning!

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