Thursday, June 7, 2012

Strange things

are happening this week.

On Friday a storm blew through our town and this tree fell on our fence.




Next, a car ran off of the road and knocked over our post…




and made a mess that Dennis had to clean up.

And then today………

Dennis was in a car accident. He was headed toward Main Street in Salem and as a car was making a U-Turn to go the same direction as Dennis, he didn’t see him, and they collided. Our car has damage in the front driver side with both air bags deployed; we think that it will be totaled. Dennis said that it happened and was over before he could even think. Dennis is just fine, but I think he will be sore the next two days….

which is strange timing for this to happen because I was about to take that car on a 3 day trip to Richmond, leaving the boys at home.

I am still going.

They can use the big truck, right?? :- )


and in other news…


I said goodbye to Kolton today! Sad smile Kolton taught me how to stay on my toes, and I do love him for it. He is spending the summer with his mommy, and then will go to a new babysitter in the fall.

We will miss you buddy!!!!

As for me, I am out of here as of 9:00 a.m. Thursday. Thanks to Lauren and Lisa for taking care of my little munchkin, and thanks to Dennis for allowing me a couple of days away!!!

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