Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father’s Day!





Dads are the best. Dennis is a spectacular father.


For his gift, I bought this genuine leather journal as an investment to last us a lifetime. The intention of this journal is to write to Dennis about our life, documenting the exciting, hopeful, disappointing, sad, and happy times. The goal is so that we can look back over our years as man and wife; mother and father and see how God has blessed us and grown us. The catch with this journal is that he will only be allowed to read it ONE time per year; at FATHER’S DAY.

My hope is that this gift will bless him for many more years to come.

For Sale!


That’s right! Our home has been on the market for 8 days today! We have had two walk throughs, both very positive. This decision has been a slow progressing decision. We have been throwing around this possibility since before Christmas. We were patient for the Spring to do some necessary house keeping, decluttering, etc.


And as promised, a final photo of the finished roof and porch! :-)


We trust that the Lord has our good in mind, and will guide us in the right direction whether to move to another home or to stay right where he has had us.

Baby Dedication 2012



I had a good time yesterday photographing the atmosphere of our congregation as we prayed over these parents. It was a beautiful service. Really thankful for the leaders in our church.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Strange things

are happening this week.

On Friday a storm blew through our town and this tree fell on our fence.




Next, a car ran off of the road and knocked over our post…




and made a mess that Dennis had to clean up.

And then today………

Dennis was in a car accident. He was headed toward Main Street in Salem and as a car was making a U-Turn to go the same direction as Dennis, he didn’t see him, and they collided. Our car has damage in the front driver side with both air bags deployed; we think that it will be totaled. Dennis said that it happened and was over before he could even think. Dennis is just fine, but I think he will be sore the next two days….

which is strange timing for this to happen because I was about to take that car on a 3 day trip to Richmond, leaving the boys at home.

I am still going.

They can use the big truck, right?? :- )


and in other news…


I said goodbye to Kolton today! Sad smile Kolton taught me how to stay on my toes, and I do love him for it. He is spending the summer with his mommy, and then will go to a new babysitter in the fall.

We will miss you buddy!!!!

As for me, I am out of here as of 9:00 a.m. Thursday. Thanks to Lauren and Lisa for taking care of my little munchkin, and thanks to Dennis for allowing me a couple of days away!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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