Friday, May 4, 2012

The moment we (all) have been waiting for…….

Daniel walks!

(control your volume before playing)

Celebrate with us as Daniel makes his very first “real” steps on his own!!!! :-)

As I type this, it’s been less than 1 hour that Daniel has discovered that he can walk, and in that time, the first order of business was to find something off the floor, bend over, pick it up, and throw it away!

We may be on to something here! Winking smile


The Harris' said...

And he's off. bye bye baby. hello toddler :) go daniel!!!

Erin said...

Great job, Daniel!! I knew you could (and would) do it!!

Aaron and Lisa said...

This is so exciting and he looks so CUTE doing it! And so proud of himself :) He isn't hesitant or slow...just full force! Has he been doing it a lot more since this was taken? It's cool when they realize that it's so much better than crawling and they make the switch for good. Have fun with a walker :)

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