Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our favorite books



If you know me well at all, you know that I am really looking forward to educating our son one day! Although his time of structured learning is a good bit away, I am really looking ahead and planning some things and collecting some ideas. As a gift, one of closest friends, Lindsey, blessed me with this book for early learners. The target ‘start’ age is four. Each chapter breaks some ‘goals’ up such as the picture below:


And then it has a story to go after it with letters highlighted in red so that the child can start to read God’s word on their own. I have not tested this out yet, of course, but since this gift came from a homeschooling mommy, I trust that it is beneficial for their learning!


Another great book that Daniel and I read OFTEN is a book called “Fool Moon Rising” This book was also given as a gift from Lisa. (What would I do without friends?) I am absolutely IN LOVE with this book and I am struck in awe each time I read it. 



Daniel loves it because it has great illustrations and it has a very flowy, catchy, rhythm to the reading. I truly recommend this book for ANY age, even 26! :- )

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