Thursday, April 19, 2012

15 months



When Daniel was born, I initially thought that I would just do these monthly posts until he was one year old, but after doing this for over a year, it seems odd to just quit!

Daniel went back to the doctor this week for his follow up appointment on his gross motor skills. Although he has improved in the other areas (pointing, clapping, waving, etc) he still isn’t walking. Despite my best efforts, this little munchkin does not want to walk. When I say he doesn’t want to, I mean, he HATES for me to even encourage it by making him “get on his feet.” He has taken a few steps on his own but it’s almost involuntary. I am not sure he even realizes that he is doing it because he is MAD the entire time. The doctor has referred him to get some early intervention physical therapy. I know that it seems extreme, but I am honestly thankful that we are getting some extra help. I think he really needs the push. I am not convinced it will work, but we shall see.


  • mama
  • dada
  • HI!
  • Hey
  • Daniel- Dan –YUL
  • No (doh!)
  • Yes- ye
  • he also communicates by shaking his head “no”


LESS PICKY! I am so thankful. Seems to be eating one or two good times a day and not so hungry for dinner. Nursing twice a day.





The Harris' said...

happy 15 months daniel :) you are growing up so fast and so handsome!!!

Laura said...

Hi Shannon, I just wanted to make a quick comment and say that Lillian did not walk until she was 16 months old. Being our first child, we carried her around a lot because we thought that is "just what you do with a baby"...she started walking though at the beach no less on the sand and in the surf. It was priceless. It will be so for you and Dennis when your little man takes his first steps. He will too, you just wait!:-)

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