Monday, March 26, 2012

justa' ramblin girl

This happened today. Kolton pushed Daniel around the house (even though he doesn't yet walk) and Daniel pushed Kolton around the house even though Daniel doesn't yet walk. Silly boys.

I am going to ramble just to update you all. We bought a new car. It's bigger. It's nice. We like it. We have to peel the "Clemson" sticker off of the back so people quit asking where AnnaMarie is. AnnaMarie is the former owner of our new to us car. Dennis and I went out on a date on Friday night. It was the most fantastic time I have ever had out with him, to date. It was relaxing, it was nice, and we had a blast. We hung out at Frankie Rowlands for hours, we rode on the back of this little bike buggy, and we both felt bad for the bike boy that he had to haul us both around the block. He talked too much. We giggled the whole time. It rained a little. I am dying to Spring CLEAN this house. I have taken up the desire to sew. I bought a machine, and have convinced a woman in our church I happen to think is pretty awesome to teach me how. (Diane Kees) and am looking forward to us starting this little adventure together. Photography season is coming up. I am getting calls and excited to starting penciling people in my book. It feels right. I have been giving lots of thought to God's sovereignty. It's a mystery to me. My office needs cleaned up, and I need to get organized. I went to the grocery store today and the man behind me was AMAZED that I saved $69.00 at the register. I thought it was cool, too. Glad I got to ramble.

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