Sunday, March 18, 2012

14 months



It’s been TWO months since this picture was taken! I can’t believe it.

The funny thing about having kids is that TIME SEEM TO ZOOM! I remember when I was a child and it seemed as if I would NEVER grow up! But now, watching him grow, speeds things along. I guess the saying is true that time really flies when you are having fun.

He is still not walking. . but I do FINALLY believe that we are making progress. Quite honestly, I believe that Daniel is scared! He looks really frightened when we try to get him to stand on his own and take steps towards us. He cries a lot and looks simply petrified! But, I make him do it anyway. Another way that we have been encouraging him to walk is letting him hold onto our pant legs as we walk backwards. He seems to do OK with this. Also, when I put him down from my arms or from his high chair, instead of just sitting him down, I place him on his feet as if he were going to walk away. He usually just sits down, but my hope is that one day it will occur to him to just put one foot in front of the other.

He is still not eating that great. I am starting to believe that it’s ALL about texture. If it doesn’t feel good between his fingers, he doesn’t want to pick it up to eat it. What to do about this? I have no idea! This is truly a great source of my concern and frustration!

Now that I have talked about our obstacles, the great news is that Daniel has fully grasped the idea of waving hello, and he knows when to clap without our prompting him to do so. He also will play peek-a-boo ALL DAY long if we let him.

His vocabulary seems to be growing. I think he gets what it means to have a “conversation.” If I say something to say Daniel, he will respond to me even though it’s in another language! :-) He reportedly said: “Daniel” yesterday while I was at a bridal shower. He now says “mama” regularly when calling for me. Of course he still says “DADA!” or “DA!” or “HEYYYY DAAAAAA” and then the infamous and often loud: “HI!” or “HAY!!” The “hi” sounds like a country bumpkin saying it. It’s pretty cute. for “no” it sounds like “dough.” It took me a bit to connect it, but I am pretty sure that is what he is trying to say.

He is a great sleeper, still. Still taking two naps a day. Still nursing twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. I think the night time feeding will disappear this month at some point. He seems to be less and less interested in it. I am completely fine with whatever he wants to do at this point.

Daniel is a sweet, loveable, friendly and funny little boy! We adore him. I apologize for the lack of photos, I have been really lazy about doing that lately!

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The Harris' said...

I enjoyed keeping Daniel the other night while Dennis mowed our yard, Daniel ate like a champ :)

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