Monday, February 27, 2012

a (late) 13 month post


To keep this brief, I will just give the highlights!

Daniel says:

“haaaayyyyyy daaaaaaaaa”

“dog” perfect as could be, but only twice we have heard.



8 teeth!


he is not walking yet.

He loves daddy.

He loves mommy.

He DESPISES to be changed.


he is a lot of fun. He is whinier than I would like.


He is picky about what he eats.

Does not like green beans. likes chicken nuggets. Sad smile a lot.



He is typically nursing still twice a day. One in the morning, one before bed at night.

Still taking two naps.

Goes down and sleeps well with rarely a problem.

We have a healthy boy.


he plays peek-a-boo

he holds his hand out to say “hello”

not a fan of new places. Needs to be held for a bit before being let down.

this was the month for his very first snow!!!


He doesn’t give a normal clap- but his own version. It’s still a clasped hand movement.

He doesn’t really like to wave hello and goodbye, although he will if he wants to.

He is being “watched” for possible being behind in his gross motor skills. I will get him help if he needs it, but am pretty much TRYING to take it with a grain of salt at this point!

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