Friday, February 17, 2012

Blast from the cell phone..

I have found that when I really want to take a picture of something, my massive 10 pound camera is no where in arms reach, but, luckily, I tend to have my cell phone with me. . So, going backwards in time.. you will see how loyal my phone has been in weird times… this past year.




9 month visit


mms_picture (4)

I gotta say, the picture above is one of my favorite pictures…


mms_picture_3 (2)

mms_picture (5)

mms_picture_2 (2)

mms_picture_3 (3)

The above picture brings back a grumpy attitude I had at the moment. Daniel had been with us for less than a week, I had not been sleeping, and Dennis comes home from work… and guess what? They both were sleeping… and I was mad. :) fun memories, huh?

mms_picture_4 (2)

It is SOOO difficult for me to remember him this way. I titled this to Dennis: “Our little milk drunk” because this was his restful look after he had just had a meal.


I THINK I was encouraging him to scoot to his toys??


when I sent (the above) picture to Dennis, it was captioned: “It’s been one of those type of days”


mms_picture-1 (3)


in this photo he was only a couple of days old…

Well, there is my yearly dose of bad cell phone pictures!

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