Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In our garage. .

Zach Harris, a friend of ours from church, is keeping his race car in our garage to work on.



We think it’s pretty cool. Dennis was his spotter a few months ago at one of the race tracks. My dad did this a long time ago, so it’s really not a new thing to me.



Zach quizzed me on what these parts were above. . and with one hint (the first letter) I was able to guess, AND I knew which motion it made. Aren’t I just the smart little cookie?? :-)


The other person, I cannot remember his name, is apparently the ‘brains’ behind the whole thing, but I told Zach that I would make it LOOK like he was the one doing all of the work! How’d I do?


Lots of manly things happening in here. I try to stay out of the way, but sometimes, it’s just fun to hang with the guys!


I found this photo in the garage of Dennis and I probably back in 2003? So long ago!!! Praise God for seeing us through.

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The Harris' said...

awww i love this post, thats so funny you knew some of those parts! go shan! you could be a race wife, maybe zach and him could both race :)

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