Monday, January 23, 2012

Babysitting 101



[(before you all stamp me as the worst baby sitter, ever, hear me out. :- ) In the afternoon, before their naps, after lunch, I do a face wipe down, a diaper change, and then a story to get ready for nap time. As I change one baby, I let the other wait usually patiently in the crib (because they both move a lot now) and then while I change the other one, the opposite child waits patiently in the crib) Well, this particular day, Daniel was in a particularly fussy mood, and poor Kolton always has sympathy for him, and cries right along with him. So, while waiting for their story, this is what they did, and I found it funny. There! Now you know I don’t find enjoyment in unhappy babies!)]

So, back to the point: Babysitting 101

  • don’t blink (trust me, don’t blink)
  • let go of your expectations for how you think the child should be/act. This baby is different, not your own, and will be different. Even children that come from the same parents are different, so this applies everywhere.
  • don’t shower too early in the day. (You will be covered in a multiple array of snot, food, drool, and maybe some other questionable bodily substances)
  • don’t try to get anything else done while babies are awake. This only provides frustration on your part that everything is half done.
  • run all noisy household appliances at nap such as the dryer and dishwasher. This drowns out sound from the other child waking earlier than the other, a possible dog barking, an unexpected knock at the door, etc.
  • get enough rest the night before. A cranky momma breeds cranky children. Trust me, I know.
  • Plan a routine. This keeps boredom from setting in. Children are fans of predictability in my short experience.
  • pray all the time for compassion and understanding for these little bodies that depend on you at all times for nearly, everything. God grants it to you. I know from experience.
  • communicate well with their mommy. just do it.
  • and for me, the best thing that I can do, before anything else, is to kiss that baby 10 or 20 times in a snuggle, that way, I have established love that is not easily shaken throughout the day. Because they try. :-)

There ya go! All you need to know. Smile Happy Monday friends!!



Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

lol I found myself giggling & agreeing with everything you wrote :)

Laura said...

so precious, the picture and the words. you got it girl.

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