Sunday, December 18, 2011

Grandad Chesnut



This last Friday, our family lost my Grandad Chesnut. This picture was the first and last time he saw his one and only great-grandson. Lots of funny memories come to mind when I think of him.

As you can see he had the “comb over” hairdo going on. When we were kids Greg used to love to comb it down over his face (then it completely covered it) before he chased us around the house acting like a scary animal on his hands and knees while he pretended to come and “eat” us. It was really funny.

He would let us ride his lawn mower ALL of his property. He called my brother Greg, “grooder”

He has one seat in the house, and you’re seeing him in it. Just some of the sillier things in life that leave lasting memories.

He will be missed!

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The Harris' said...

So sorry Shannon! We love you! xoxo

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