Sunday, December 18, 2011

Around our house. . .

you will find. .


a child and a dog digging into the dishwasher. . . .


our new Christmas ornament that we always get to add to our tree. (Hallmark always has a new “Our Christmas Together” ornament, and this year the normal ornament was kinda.. ugly. . so instead I found this other ornament that I felt was way cooler and way more appropriate for our year. This year, OUR NEST, aka, HOME, has THREE “eggs” in it, not just TWO! The ornament on the front says: “our nest” and on the back of that, it has the year. I happen to think it’s pretty perfect)


a baby gate to be installed to keep Mr. Mobile away from our woodstove that is now, upstairs. Don’t even get me started on that.


This new find at the grocery store.

(A way to line ALL of your dishes and even the kind you couldn’t with aluminum foil before. It is tear resistant so you can protect your dishes from discoloring, the black cooked on stuff that is nearly impossible to remove, and even better, you can cook anything on them, even lasagna, meatloaf, etc. I LOVE IT.



See? Other than a little oil that escaped, my dish is clean up easy!!!!


Amoxicillin that Daniel has been taking for a mere 15 days, and he is STILL pulling at his ear! Grrr. Another Dr. visit, soon? Most likely!


and Cheerios! This child would be LOST without his beloved Cheerios!


So, that is just some things around our house today! Hope you enjoyed!

Birthday post for Daniel, SOON!

Winking smile

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The Harris' said...

awww caleb loves the dishwasher too :) daniel is getting sooo big. hes precious!! thanks for the pan lining paper find, totally will make our life easier. thanks for this!

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