Sunday, December 18, 2011

11 month Birthday Post!!!

Dennis wheeled Daniel around today, take a peek at this video after you read about his 11 month of life!

Daniel riding in the wheelbarrow on a chilly December Sunday!

WOW!!!!!!!!! Daniel is 1 month away from being a FULL YEAR OLD! WHERE HAS THIS LAST YEAR GONE?!?!?!?!?


Our baby in a word: Adventurous!


Some neat things he is doing:

  • he has finally abandoned the “army crawl” and is finally now crawling like a normal human child.
  • babbles using many different sounds and expressions
  • grinds his top teeth to his bottom teeth
  • throws his paci down when he is up and wants out of his crib
  • likes to take a bath.
  • loves the bathroom, that is place of choice when he gets down on the ground to crawl
  • we joke that he does all things with his index finger.
  • hates oatmeal and cut up banana. He will push the spoon away and turn his head.
  • starting to chew with his front teeth.
  • LOVES his daddy! he likes to be held and to play with him.
  • LOVES strangers- yet is shy if they approach him before he is ready. He will burrow his head into my chest if someone speaks to him.
  • is going through some separation issues. He doesn’t want anyone to hold him but me or Dennis. He will allow me to leave the nursery at church without too much of a problem.
  • can “dance”.
  • kisses on command.
  • he listens well when we say “no” (and we say it a lot)
  • he gets his hand spanked when he does not listen
  • he likes to be “chased” when he crawls. he squeals, it’s so cute
  • he stands up on his own
  • he cruises the furniture


Eating Schedule:

The 11th month has brought THREE meals a day, and more than one food at each sitting. He is loving it!

7am- milk from momma

9:30-  milk from momma, then fruit or yogurt

11:30- snack (cheerios, cut up veggies, and/or some cheese)

12:30- milk from momma

3:30- milk from momma

5:00- evening snack (cheerios, puffs, or some thing else)

6:30- dinner (vegetable, bites of what we are eating, etc)

7:30-8:00- milk from momma




He wakes between 6-7am.

Morning nap: wake time til around 9:30 or 10am

afternoon nap: 12:30-3:30 p.m.

Bedtime at 7:30 p.m.


Clothes size: 12 months

Diaper size: 3

Weight: 19 pounds+ (I have been guessing for months that he was at the 20 pound mark, but I have been way off in my estimations)

He is between the 25-50 percentiles in height and weight.




Yes, that is a mitten on his feet. (He lost his shoe, so we improvised)


THIS is my sweet baby boy trying to pull on his ear that has been bothering him for weeks. :-(

Happy 11th month, Daniel. Maybe my next post will have you walking.. :- )

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