Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Daniel’s First Christmas morning

WoW! We have had a really busy Christmas weekend! I unfortunately did not bring my camera to a couple of the events, but I did manage to capture our Christmas Day! Daniel woke up around 9:00a.m. on Christmas morning. We brought him in the living room in front of the couch you see, read him the very abbreviated story of Jesus’ birth, and then let him open up his gifts. This first photo is him taking off towards it. Which we thought was going to be a big hit. . but as you can see, if you watch the video is that he was MORE interested in his OLD toys that it was difficult to get him to open up and play with the new ones! Smile 













Whooo! I guess he was tired from such an exciting morning!



In this photo below, he is playing with a car that he received the previous night at my dads house. As you all know that read my blog frequently is that my grandad died late last week, and it turns out that he picked out this toy in a magazine to give to Daniel on Christmas. It is such a sweet gift that we have this toy as a reminder of him. We will miss him, but in the mean time, Daniel is LOVING this little car!







Daniel’s Great-Great Grandmother gave him some soft oatmeal cookies for Christmas, and we thought we would let him enjoy them for his Christmas breakfast. It was a nice Christmas morning.


I hope that you all were in awe of the birth of our Savior.

More to come soon! Smile

Sunday, December 18, 2011

11 month Birthday Post!!!

Dennis wheeled Daniel around today, take a peek at this video after you read about his 11 month of life!

Daniel riding in the wheelbarrow on a chilly December Sunday!

WOW!!!!!!!!! Daniel is 1 month away from being a FULL YEAR OLD! WHERE HAS THIS LAST YEAR GONE?!?!?!?!?


Our baby in a word: Adventurous!


Some neat things he is doing:

  • he has finally abandoned the “army crawl” and is finally now crawling like a normal human child.
  • babbles using many different sounds and expressions
  • grinds his top teeth to his bottom teeth
  • throws his paci down when he is up and wants out of his crib
  • likes to take a bath.
  • loves the bathroom, that is place of choice when he gets down on the ground to crawl
  • we joke that he does all things with his index finger.
  • hates oatmeal and cut up banana. He will push the spoon away and turn his head.
  • starting to chew with his front teeth.
  • LOVES his daddy! he likes to be held and to play with him.
  • LOVES strangers- yet is shy if they approach him before he is ready. He will burrow his head into my chest if someone speaks to him.
  • is going through some separation issues. He doesn’t want anyone to hold him but me or Dennis. He will allow me to leave the nursery at church without too much of a problem.
  • can “dance”.
  • kisses on command.
  • he listens well when we say “no” (and we say it a lot)
  • he gets his hand spanked when he does not listen
  • he likes to be “chased” when he crawls. he squeals, it’s so cute
  • he stands up on his own
  • he cruises the furniture


Eating Schedule:

The 11th month has brought THREE meals a day, and more than one food at each sitting. He is loving it!

7am- milk from momma

9:30-  milk from momma, then fruit or yogurt

11:30- snack (cheerios, cut up veggies, and/or some cheese)

12:30- milk from momma

3:30- milk from momma

5:00- evening snack (cheerios, puffs, or some thing else)

6:30- dinner (vegetable, bites of what we are eating, etc)

7:30-8:00- milk from momma




He wakes between 6-7am.

Morning nap: wake time til around 9:30 or 10am

afternoon nap: 12:30-3:30 p.m.

Bedtime at 7:30 p.m.


Clothes size: 12 months

Diaper size: 3

Weight: 19 pounds+ (I have been guessing for months that he was at the 20 pound mark, but I have been way off in my estimations)

He is between the 25-50 percentiles in height and weight.




Yes, that is a mitten on his feet. (He lost his shoe, so we improvised)


THIS is my sweet baby boy trying to pull on his ear that has been bothering him for weeks. :-(

Happy 11th month, Daniel. Maybe my next post will have you walking.. :- )

Around our house. . .

you will find. .


a child and a dog digging into the dishwasher. . . .


our new Christmas ornament that we always get to add to our tree. (Hallmark always has a new “Our Christmas Together” ornament, and this year the normal ornament was kinda.. ugly. . so instead I found this other ornament that I felt was way cooler and way more appropriate for our year. This year, OUR NEST, aka, HOME, has THREE “eggs” in it, not just TWO! The ornament on the front says: “our nest” and on the back of that, it has the year. I happen to think it’s pretty perfect)


a baby gate to be installed to keep Mr. Mobile away from our woodstove that is now, upstairs. Don’t even get me started on that.


This new find at the grocery store.

(A way to line ALL of your dishes and even the kind you couldn’t with aluminum foil before. It is tear resistant so you can protect your dishes from discoloring, the black cooked on stuff that is nearly impossible to remove, and even better, you can cook anything on them, even lasagna, meatloaf, etc. I LOVE IT.



See? Other than a little oil that escaped, my dish is clean up easy!!!!


Amoxicillin that Daniel has been taking for a mere 15 days, and he is STILL pulling at his ear! Grrr. Another Dr. visit, soon? Most likely!


and Cheerios! This child would be LOST without his beloved Cheerios!


So, that is just some things around our house today! Hope you enjoyed!

Birthday post for Daniel, SOON!

Winking smile

Grandad Chesnut



This last Friday, our family lost my Grandad Chesnut. This picture was the first and last time he saw his one and only great-grandson. Lots of funny memories come to mind when I think of him.

As you can see he had the “comb over” hairdo going on. When we were kids Greg used to love to comb it down over his face (then it completely covered it) before he chased us around the house acting like a scary animal on his hands and knees while he pretended to come and “eat” us. It was really funny.

He would let us ride his lawn mower ALL of his property. He called my brother Greg, “grooder”

He has one seat in the house, and you’re seeing him in it. Just some of the sillier things in life that leave lasting memories.

He will be missed!

To go back to read more about this visit, go here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Nichols Family Photo Session



Click on the photo to head on over to see the rest of their family photos!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Play time at Chuck E Cheese

Hey Everyone! I am really trying to get better about taking photos of our every day lives. It is really hard to do when I have these two babies to take care of, the stroller, bag, etc. But what made it easier today was. . . . Dennis got to join us for the last half of the play time, so I was able to snap some shots!

Sorry for the blurry nature of this photo, but it was the only decent photograph I had of the boys together.



There is sweet little Lisa watching Kate on the horsey!


There goes Ashely running after Cohen!


We were waiting on the show here. Daniel wasn’t nearly as thrilled about the characters singing and dancing as I thought that he would be.


‘Daddy’ entertained Daniel for quite awhile. It was nice to see him having fun without me doing all the work! Winking smile 






Love the Cotton candy mustache!




Big truck for a little boy! he played awhile in this just pushing buttons, etc.


Thanks for viewing our photos of our special play time. It is always such a treat to get out of the house, play with the boys, spend time with my friends, and eat yummy pizza! Thanks girlies for such a nice morning out!


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