Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Thank You’s


Thank You. . . Harper. . . for running off for an entire day and night. . getting picked up by the pound causing us to go to three different buildings for the proper paper work to bring you home.

Thank You.. . . pound. . . for charging me $30.00 to bring home my own dog.

Thank You. . . city of Salem. . . for charging me $5 just to know that our house owns a dog.

Thank You. .  . Kolton. . . for wearing me out this week so that I can sleep well at night. . .No, really, Thank you!!! (this is non-sarcastic)

Thank You. . . . Johnson & Johnson. . . for making the last inch of your baby soap impossible to get out.

Thank You. . . . Kroger. . .  for cheating me out of saving $5 on your mega 10 item event. Now, I have to go back and wait in line to get my $5 off.


Thank you! What are your weekly thank yous???


Happy Friday all.

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Mommy Of 3 said...

I'm really enjoying these.

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