Thursday, October 27, 2011

“Well, babies get sick!” puh!



In the past when moms would say: “My baby is sick” I would think “well, babies get sick.” NOW when moms say: “My baby is sick” I will think: “Oh, you poor thing, I bet you are tired. I am sorry that your child is not feeling well. What can I do?”

It’s not that I was being cold or lacking in compassion; it’s just I lacked the experience of having a sick baby. Not anymore!

Daniel had RSV as a small small newborn, but even then, I don’t think he was as sick as he is right now. We have had 2 long exhausting days/nights. He is uncomfortable, he can’t breathe, he can’t sleep well, and he isn’t as happy as our normal little Daniel. But I would say that his spirits are still good. (that is, when I am not sucking out his nose- and shooting saline spray up it, and when I am not sticking the thermometer up his butt, and when I am not wiping the snot off all over his face his nose. But yea, otherwise, he has good spirits. : – )

We are hoping he gets to feelin’ better real soon!

(and sorry to all of you mommies that I lacked true compassion for!)


Kathleen said...

I kind of love a sick baby though, because they're so snuggly. Even Charlotte when she's sick wants to sit on my lap, and that's nice. Hang in there; you'll get better at it. :)

Laura said...

Get well soon Daniel!!!!

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