Monday, October 31, 2011

Daniel’s 1st Halloween






















Happy first Halloween sweet elephant!

Welcome Kolton!



Kolton is going to be hanging out with us during the day this school year. My hopes is that these two sweet boys will become great friends. We had our first day together today.

I am really excited to be able to serve Kolton’s parents this way, and hope that this is an uplifting, God glorifying experience for both of our families.

Welcome Kolton, we are excited to add your sweet face to our day!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank You. . .



I don’t know if any of you have stayed up late enough on a Friday night to hear some of Jimmy Fallon’s thank you notes, but I just love it. So, I thought I would start my own Friday Thank You’s.


Thank you. . . Progresso. . . for adding too much broth to very little substance so that I have to chase all the carrots around my bowl.

Thank You. . . Kleenex. . . for not making your tissues stick well enough together, making me stuff my hand inside the small hole to get out 1 tissue.

Thank You. . . Walmart brand salt. . . . for not giving me a substantial flap to pour out the clumpy salt. Making me stand in my kitchen and beat the salt box on my counter to make it like. . . . salt. . . . again.

Thank You. . .  Off brand Cheerios. . . for all of my toasty oats that flew across the floor because your bag is cheap and poorly made.

. . I think that is all my annoyances for now. . . .

: – ) happy friday.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

“Well, babies get sick!” puh!



In the past when moms would say: “My baby is sick” I would think “well, babies get sick.” NOW when moms say: “My baby is sick” I will think: “Oh, you poor thing, I bet you are tired. I am sorry that your child is not feeling well. What can I do?”

It’s not that I was being cold or lacking in compassion; it’s just I lacked the experience of having a sick baby. Not anymore!

Daniel had RSV as a small small newborn, but even then, I don’t think he was as sick as he is right now. We have had 2 long exhausting days/nights. He is uncomfortable, he can’t breathe, he can’t sleep well, and he isn’t as happy as our normal little Daniel. But I would say that his spirits are still good. (that is, when I am not sucking out his nose- and shooting saline spray up it, and when I am not sticking the thermometer up his butt, and when I am not wiping the snot off all over his face his nose. But yea, otherwise, he has good spirits. : – )

We are hoping he gets to feelin’ better real soon!

(and sorry to all of you mommies that I lacked true compassion for!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

lOdER-fRaNk sneak peek!


Click the photo for the revealed full picture!!!


7:36 a.m.



Mr. Bedhead was waiting for me like this. I have been waiting for the day that I would find him pulled up and waiting.

Only, it made it less fun because he has been TRULY sick for the first time since he was a month old (the RSV, remember?) he’s been crying his eyes out all day, would not sleep a wink, and has been stuffy, mucousy and with a bad cough. Sad smile Poor boy.

But yay, for the standing up!!! :)

Carroll Family Sneak Peek

Click on the photo to see the full picture!!


Sunday, October 23, 2011





Your bride.

Our 6th Anniversary- As a family

Dennis treated me to a Friday full of pampering. Manicure, Pedicure, eye brow waxing, a wax for my hands, a hair, cut, color, and style. I was at the salon from 1:30-6:00!!!!! Looking back, I wished I could have just relaxed and enjoyed it, but instead, I was tense, watching the clock and anxious to get back home. I guess when you are a mom to a small baby, it’s hard to take your mind off of mommyhood, and feeding times, etc. It was a rare treat and very proud and impressed that my hubby took a day off of work for me to be treated. Afterwards, we enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner at Shula’s at the Sheraton Hotel in Roanoke. It was DELICIOUS!!!!! Pricey if you order the steak, but WELL WORTH IT!!!! Then we went to Hotel Roanoke to listen to music and talk about our future together. It was an amazing night. Thanks to Paul & Jill who watched our Daniel overnight. (By the way, he woke up at 4am but she distracted him until 6 am when she called me to come pick him up)

THEN. . . on Saturday we took our annual long drive to see the fall foliage and see new things. Our first stop was Paint Bank, Va. This was a restaurant that had a swinging bridge up top with an old general store.

Dennis and Daniel are looking at the people eating down below. (And yes, that is a CHRISTMAS tree in the background!)



Before leaving, we got two cold drinks- (root beer, and an RC Cola) a Moon pie, and a candy screw driver for Daniel.




He liked it!!!



His daddy let him enjoy holding the bottle of his consumed drink!






feeding the fish!




Then, around 4:00p.m. Daniel expressed to us that he needed to nurse, so we pulled in this parking lot in WEST VIRGINIA to feed Daniel. There was a pee-wee football team playing. Those kids were really cute, and really GOOD!








The leaves were pretty- but not as bright and bold as I was hoping for.




We stopped at an Amish Shop/Furniture store. It was really neat. IMG_0468



Then we stopped at this Humpback Bridge. I did something pretty fun for the girls in my small group. I tried to find all of their names in this grafattied bridge. I was 98% successful!





Then, we ended the evening at Maw & Paw’s diner in Eagle Rock for dinner. It was good.


It was a fantastic anniversary weekend. We really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait until next year for another anniversary to celebrate it again. Hmmm, wonder what another year of marriage will bring us?!? : – )

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 9th month birthday Daniel!


Our baby in a word: MOBILE!!!!

I think I find myself thinking each monthly birthday how much progress he has made and how I don’t think I could enjoy him any more than I have the previous month, and then the next month, I am surprised again.

Some fun things:

  • Daniel sits well.
  • He rolls easily
  • he ARMY CRAWLS!!!
    • This is the most recent, newest, funnest, and FUNNIEST thing to watch lately. I have a video posted if you wanted to see.
  • he gives me a mischievous grin when I turn on his mobile before he goes to sleep
  • he LOVES his daddy


  • he is showing signs of bashfulness. (he will turn his head to “hide” if a stranger approaches him)
  • he is showing partiality to who he wants to hold him and who he doesn’t
  • he says: “Mamamamamamamammmmaaaa”
  • he eats REALLY well off of his plate: beans, corn, macaroni’s, puffs, cheerios, banana, etc. He is fast and and Humm’s when he is ready for more.
  • He likes to swing. (outside in daddy’s garage or at the park)

His favorite things to play with:

  • remote control
  • my iPod touch
  • my cell phone
  • keys
  • pretty much ANYTHING REAL. . . apparently, he is too cool for baby toys! :- )


Stats: We go to the pediatrician this week, and I will update this when I find out!!!



Diapers: 3

Clothes: 6-9 and some 9-12 even though they are a little too big.


  • 7:00 am-ish
  • 10:30 ish
  • 1:00-ish
  • 5:00 ish
  • 7:30 ish



7:30p.m. to 7:00-8:00 a.m. ish

8:30-10:30-10:45 a.m.

1:30-4:00 p.m.

bed at 7:30 p.m.

Daniel has a very curious and endearing personality! Since he is able to go from room to room without so much of my help, he is staying content longer playing, etc while I am getting things done around the house. I am really enjoying being his mom. He lights up my day!!


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