Monday, September 5, 2011

Reunions, Reunions, Reunions!!

This labor day weekend Dennis, Daniel, and I attended TWO reunions! One took place on Saturday which I regrettably let go undocumented as far as pictures were concerned, and on Sunday we had another one (at the same park) that I did take pictures of. Of Daniel mostly! Winking smile 


Daniel’s SECOND baby tooth came in!! Now, we have the sightings of TWO small baby bottom front teeth.



We have learned that Daniel KNOWS what it means to SMILE for the camera. I mean, DUH his mommy is a photographer!! THAT was bound to happen, yes?


We have also learned that Daniel likes to be on the GO! He does not want to sit on your lap, or receive your love-ins, he wants to walk!!!! And he does walk. He will walk all over the place (with your help, of course!)





And, Daniel is also a PEOPLE lover. He LOVES to be in contact with people. He likes to smile at them, to listen to them talk, to have them pay attention to what he has to ‘say’ and so on. I can hardly make it through grocery stores or restaurants without his bubbly smile causing comments. I love that he is a people lover. Although he likes to chat, he is showing signs of being a little. . . . . . shy. . . . . . or. . . . guarded(?) if others hold him. He will let them hold him, but he makes IMMEDIATELY sure that I am close by. Once he sees that I am there, he startes to explore their facial features, their eyes, nose, lips, etc. I love that.

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Sarah said...

love the 4th picture of him...he is so handsome!

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