Saturday, September 24, 2011

8 months old!!!!

Daniel is 8 months old today! I know I probably say this with every ‘birthday’ post, but TRULY I feel like his 8 month has made me MORE in love with him than ever before, if that is even possible!!!!

Wondering Why? I thought that you would never ask! :-)

Our baby in a word? OBSERVANT.


IMG_6829Before I get to the (boring) details of Daniel’s 8th month, let me start with the fun and interesting things.

Daniel is so much fun most of the time!! He has done THREE very FUNNY things this week that has captured my heart and my LAUGHTER!!!!

- Daniel found his penis last week!!!!! And he goes to “grab” it like he is picking up a cheerio- - :-) It is so funny!! And now he even realizes it still exists even when his diaper is on because when it is changing time, he sits up on his elbows and looks down to “be sure that it is still there” I have this on video, but I don’t think I will be sharing it. It’s just too personal?

-Daniel also has learned to “rub” his own belly. When we are changing clothes, I will rub his soft belly, and I guess it occurred to him that he can do it too, and he does. And he does it so soft and sweetly. It’s sweet to see him take over. . and, it’s weird.

-Daniel is NOT crawling yet, but he is “scooting” a small amount now. He will scoot backwards, but not forwards yet. He will roll some, too. He will get on his knees, but hasn’t crawled. I am seeing quite a bit of frustration in him and his inability to move about as I can see that he wants to.

-Daniel stands up on his legs really strong and LOVES to “walk” around. This means that he is no longer content just sitting in our laps, he arches his body back to get off of us and “walk.” Needless to say, this causes for a sore back when I am hunched over all of the time “walking” him around.

-He is VERY curious, and very observant. I do not think that this kid misses anything!!! I even had a man stop me in the parking lot at WalMart and comment on how in tune he was to everything happening around me. It was neat that someone else noticed this very odd personality trait about Daniel. Ok, on with the rest of the “boring” details.

  • weight: ?? Guessing 22 pounds?!?!
  • Size clothes- 6-9 months- and pushing
  • Diaper size: 3


Still doing it well, and doing it often! Making it this far has found me sighing one big ‘sigh!” I am MORE than half way to quitting time. It’s not that I am wanting to quit, because I love that God answered this monumental prayer as one of the things that I wanted to do if I was able to be a mommy. He answered it for me ABUNDANTLY in that he won’t take any form of liquid from anyone or anything BUT me. THIS MEANS, that it has been QUITE AWHILE since I have been away from my baby for more than an hour in months! What has me itching to get out of the house? A DATE NIGHT with my husband, that’s what!!! I guess, we will just put him to bed and stay up LATE!!!

His schedule is pretty much still the same. But for MY records when he is like 3 years old, and I was wondering what the 8th month meant to us as far as feeding, it goes:

-wake time.

around 10 or 11.

nap time. (1ish)

after nap (4ish)

dinner (6:00ish)

and before bed (7:30-8ish)

Eating how many ounces? I don’t know. He fills his tummy and babbles when he is finished, that is when I know he is done.

Oh, yes, what about solids???

Still maintaining one feeding a day and some pincer grasp practice with Cheerios, bananas, puffs, yogurt melts, or even these other crunchy snack things that I am not too keen on. It is like a baby form of a potato chip, and I am pretty certain it brings nothing significant, nutritionally to the table, which means, I won’t be buying them again. And the puffs, I am not really sure what that is, either.  I have not encountered a food he does not like, yet. He eats: bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, applesauce. I know that I said this the last ‘birthday’ post, but I truly am going to offer him a lunch now, and then dinner, so that bumps us up to two meals a day on top of his nursing. But now that he is 8 months, we will do TWO feeding a day. . . sniffle, my baby is growing.

(photo below was taken on his exact 8th month b-day before bed)



Night time is a battle 80% of the time, and I am pretty sure it is my fault. Why? Well, he is still screaming bloody murder at night when I put him to bed. He just will NOT settle down!!!! Sigh. It is so hard to listen to, but I KNOW that he is not in pain because when I pick him up: he smiles, and goo’s and wants to play. No, sir! It is bedtime!!!! He has no trouble during the day going down for a nap, he loves it, and seems relieved that I have allowed him to go to sleep.


  • wake between 5-7am
  • morning nap between 8-10
  • afternoon nap between 1-3:30ish
  • bedtime around 8.

Thanks for reading all of this, if you actually made it this far. There is an EXTREME lack of pictures. I can’t explain it, there just is. Sad smile Better job next month?!?!




Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

LOL loved this post, especially the part about him finding "it". Seriously cracking me up. Can't believe he is eight months old already!!

Chelsie said...

I can't believe how big Daniel is already! He will be so old when I get home for good. I am happy that you post about him every month =)

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