Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend. . .

Dennis and I have had a really fun Memorial Day weekend. Friday night we started the weekend off with our usual small group meeting.

Saturday Daniel went to stay with his P-Daddy (my dad) and MeeMaw’s overnight so that Dennis and I could go on a very special date. Saturday night, Aaron & Lisa joined Dennis and I for a nice dinner out and dancing. It was very fun and memorable.

Sunday, we went to my Grandma’s house for a picnic.







Then on Monday we went to the pool, and then later on to the Franklin County race track with Ashely, Zach, Cohen and Caleb.

It was SOOO hot that we had to keep the kids under umbrellas for shade.


such cute photos. . . look. . . like. . . .


…………….. this. . . . . in all reality. . .. . . just…. hideous! : )



Poor Daniel was so so so hot and tired. He really hated the loud noise of the race cars. I was concerned for his ears, so I had Dennis get him some ear plugs. (I am the classic first time mom, and I know it)



I don’t normall take photos of children melting down, but this is just too cute not to post. : )




Dennis and Zack really hit it off. Zack races cars a lot like the cars that raced here. Dennis loves racing, so it was a match.


As for Ashely & I, we stuck together on the concession stand food. I know it is weird, but I LOVE it. . . Smile

(and I love the cold in quotes. . . ironically, it is true, the drinks are not really that super cold, more like. . . cool)



Daniel braved the cars long enough to be held through the “scary” part. Dennis just talked him through it and he seemed to do better. He would watch one car go around the circle. . .



I think he likes it, but hates the noise. Whenever we have the race on TV, Daniel will just stare at the television. We had a really fun weekend. I am glad it’s the middle of the weekly routine though.


Mommy Of 3 said...

love the first pic of dennis and daniel. AND the other one of Cohen and Caleb under the umbrella. CUTE!

Our Family : ) said...

awww great pictures :) i had alot of fun braving the heat with you guys! you were great company <3 next time we hang out there will be a body of water and "COLD" drinks! oh and perhaps, real ketchup.

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