Monday, May 16, 2011

Splish Splash….

Recently, I have started bathing Daniel in the sink. We were having him take his bath with one of us, but the past week for whatever reason did not work out for that, and since I hate bending over the bath tub, I thought I would try the sink. Daniel can’t sit up on his own yet, so I am having to hold him up with one hand and bathe him with the other. Dennis doesn’t understand why I need help. :)



Daniel’s daddy is a little more relaxed about Daniel relaxing in the sink for a good soak. I was a nervous wreck. I snapped this photo and QUICKLY got him in an upright position.


After his bath, we get him ready for bed. It always involves him being lotioned up, a baby massage, and his hair combed. We sing and ‘talk’ together while this is happening. This is one of his favorite times, I think



I really like to spike up his hair because it just looks so ridiculous. And then I comb it down before leaving the room.


His (almost) 4 month tootsies.


He REALLY likes to sit up and look around. It’s so fun to watch him grow.


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