Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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I have been considering the concept of money a lot lately. It is probably rooted out of my conviction that Dennis and I are not as disciplined with it as I know that both of us want to be. So looking through our finances, what we spend our money on, reveals what we think is important.

We all manage money. Some manage more than others. But we all manage it. Some manage it well, others poorly. Some people find themselves choosing which bill to pay each month but own 2011 model vehicles. Others pay all their bills and drive clunkers or older model vehicles. Some can do both.Some coupon to save, some only shop where the deals are. Some don’t care, and just buy whatever. Some folks can go to the grocery and not use the calculator, some don’t have to budget in how far they can drive that particular week. Some can drive where they want, eat what they want, etc. So, in taking a look at it, I have come to realize that Dennis and I have some non-negotiables  when it comes to spending money.

1. No credit cards.

2. tithe check is written first, the full grossed 10%. This is not a brag factor, this is just simply being obedient to what God commands. What we have, He has given.

3. Pay all bills (in full) first. I say in full because I have heard of people paying half so that they have extra money for other (fun) things.

4. Budget the rest out between gas and groceries.

We fall short in one area. We take our extra left over, and we usually eat out. It is BOTH of our weak spots. It’s a treat and we indulge too frequently for our budget. That money should be saved, put away, end of story.

Is it? No.

Do I think that we are the worst stewards of money? No, not at all. But, it would make me feel a lot better to put some away. Is it hard to remember that when it is the end of the day, I am tired, and not wanting to face the chore of cooking a meal for two people, to clean and put it all away? eating out usually wins. Granted, we eat at places that are doing deals. Say, Texas Steakhouse does a 2 for $20 meal where you can get two steaks, four sides, rolls and an appetizer! Or… as we did tonight at Famous Anthony’s, they have $1.49 hamburgers. Usually once a week, I bring Dennis lunch at work. I just think that how we spend our money says something about our character. I don’t feel that we should sit on every dime we make, but be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But having a little money in case of an emergency is smart too. Here’s to having some discipline. Thanks for listening! : )

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Mommy Of 3 said...

These posts are always interesting to read. Seeing a different perspective on one's thoughts. I think you are so smart to take your calculator to the store. I think you are diligent and wise to cut coupons. This is a stage in your life you can do it. There may come a time, when you have multiple children, that it's just not possible. It's hard enough keeping your three kids inside the cart or on the same aisle as you are when shopping. Trust me I am living it now. Before my children existed, I made shopping lists, I cut coupons, and I saved well over $80 per shopping trip. Darren used to be MORTIFIED to go to the grocery store with me. NOW, I cannot and I will not. It's too time consuming. Keep up the good work!!!

PS. Eating out is one of our issues lately, but I'm not convicted over it. Sometimes eating out is CHEAPER and plain EASIER than cooking a meal at home. I would say it's only an issue if you're not diligent enough to EAT and CHOOSE healthier choices.

MY TWO CENTS... for what it's worth!

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