Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Late Mother’s Day post

Before I tell you what I got for Mother’s Day, I wanted to share the long awaited first bloom of one of my baby shower gifts. My best long time friend from my childhood sent us Daniel’s birthday (January) flower. A (insert specific name here) carnation. It was a just three small little plants when we received them in the mail. We planted them in October (maybe before?) and they have gotten SO BIG, and have finally bloomed their first flower. They are really beautiful and I cannot wait until the all three are in full bloom! Thank You Lindsey for such a sweet, thoughtful gift for us.




Speaking of flowers, Dennis took me to Pine Ridge Nursery and let me pick out any rose bush that I wanted. I picked out a yellow Knockout, and we will plant it at the corner of our deck this Sunday. They stayed bloomed a huge portion of the year.



The only thing I am fearing is lil’ Daniel outside wanting to pick some flowers for his beautiful mom, and getting his little fingers pricked! :(

Oh, well, what else will I have to do at that moment than to kiss his little tears goodbye! Smile

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