Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 4- month Birthday Sweet Boy!


(I brought Grand Canon with me, and when I went to snap his pediatrician appointment photos, my battery was dead!! So, I had to resort to the trusty ol’ cell phone)

Our baby in a word: Easy

Daniel’s stats:

weight: 14 pounds 6 ounces 25th percentile

height: 24 inches long (50th percentile)

Size 2 diapers

Size 3-6 months clothes

His appointment went well. He is a growing, healthy boy.

The doctor said to start giving him some solids. Cereal for practice as it adds no real nutritional value, and then start slow with fruits and vegetables. I am VERY excited about doing this, but very sad, too. He is my baby. He only needs me!!! : ) right?!!?!? The truth is, the milk that I provide for him will be the main source of nourishment for quite awhile still, the start of food just gets him practice eating, and tasting new textures while using a spoon. But still. . . I cannot believe it is time for this already!

We discussed vaccines that I am currently holding off on. Dr. Delaney gave me a video to watch as I am making the decision. He encourages being fully vaccinated, but if nothing else the meningitis, and the pertussis vaccine. I am going to be researching and making the decision soon. Daniel did have his 2 month vaccines done because I was unaware of some of the important information I have since found out. I know this topic can get many of you fired up, but please, hold all of your opinions. :)  (said lovingly, of course)



I lay him down at 8:15 p.m. and he will sleep until 8 or 9 the next morning!!! We cuddle and he will usually take another 30-45 minute nap around 11am, and then go down for a real afternoon nap around 1p.m. and sleep until 3:30-3:45. He will have another 30-40 minute nap around 5 or 6. It is awesome, but I feel like he is sleeping too much! My favorite part of him sleeping is that when I go get him out of his crib each time, he kicks and jerks his arms all around with a big grin. He is excited that I have come to get him. It’s like he is pleasantly surprised each time. I love it!!


  • lay him in bed.
  • tuck blanket underneath him.
  • sing to him.
  • turn out light.
  • turn on ‘raindrop dreams’ CD
  • turn on dehumidifier.
  • turn on ceiling fan (or will wake up hot & mad) He is just like his mom!! ; )
  • close door.




He has seemed to drop his late afternoon feeding. He will nurse when he wakes in the morning- one again for his short nap, one more before his real nap, once after, and not again until it’s his bedtime feeding. He is getting quicker and quicker. I am so so glad that I pushed through this part of our relationship. It is so easy and non-complicated.



  • sleeping through the night
  • found his hands and stare
  • arches his back to sit up
  • likes action (TV, dog, mower)
  • “talks” a lot!!! loves to ahhhh, ooooohh, and grunt.
  • LOVES his mobile.
  • smiles A LOT. Has only giggled for us a couple of times. (blowing raspberries on his belly, and putting him high in the air)
  • startled and sometimes scared of loud, sudden noises.

Fun/Interesting/Weird Things about him:

  • loves to be changed. (I think it is because he gets to be naked)
  • he calms easy when I or Dennis hold him.
  • he keeps his eyes LOCKED on me when I am in the same room with him.
  • LOVES to take a bath now. (He used to despise it)
  • talks in the car.
  • “kisses” with mouth wide open
  • gets excited when I go to pick him up in his crib
  • does NOT like loud, abrupt noises. (air compressor, vacuum cleaner, etc)
  • not interested in toys, but mostly faces
  • has not rolled over yet.
  • does not like to be on his belly.
  • still crooks his foot when he nurses.
  • does great in restaurants & errands.
  • makes funny faces when we put things to taste on his lips. (our personal favorite: lemon) his favorite so far? chocolate. :) (Dennis!!!)
  • loves to be in the same room with us. Will fuss or ‘whine’ when he realizes action is going on in a room he is not in.

Other than all of these things, that is about all I can remember.


This is his “kiss.” A mouth wide open! And when you go to give him a kiss, he sticks out his tongue! Smile just lovely.

Happy 4-month sweet boy!

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Mommy Of 3 said...

As a photographer, YOU need two batteries. What are you thinking? :) I am crazy for saying this, but reading all about all of the infant sweetness, makes me sad that I KNOW I will never have another (unless of course God has some twisted comedy heading my way). So sweet he is.

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